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Letters to Lauren Faust

Dear Lauren,

It’s been three months since I first watched an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I still remember that day clearly.  A chain reaction started on that unassuming Saturday afternoon, one that has created more laughs, smiles, and fond memories than I ever expected, and it’s all because you fell in love with an idea and dedicated yourself to making it a reality.  Today, as I watched the season finale, I thought back on all of those memories and realized that without you, none of them would have even been possible, and I knew that I had to thank you somehow.  That’s why I wrote this letter: to let you in on a few of the best memories I’ve made thanks to your ponies, and to let you know how grateful I am for your part in making them.

So thank you.  Thank you for essentially introducing me to one of my best friends, Tek, whom I met through the comments section of my first pony-related post way back in February.  Thank you for the smile that I wore as I drew a picture of Pinkie Pie to send to my fifteen-year-old sister, whose cheerful spirit reminds me a lot of everyone’s favorite party pony, and thank you for the even bigger smile that I got when she wrote me back saying “I decided I’m officially Pinkie Pie!  Speaking of ponies, would you draw me a picture of Fluttershy?  Please?”.  Thank you for the chance to watch the show with her and my sixteen-year-old brother, and for all the fun we’ve had quoting it back and forth to each other since.  Thank you for the unexpected fun of watching one of my college friends succumb to the charm of the ponies, and for how it’s given us a great excuse to hang out every Thursday afternoon to watch a few episodes and chat.  Thanks, too, for the great laugh I got when a friend who posted “What’s up with the ponies?” on my Facebook wall in early April posted “I want a pet alligator named Gummy” just a few weeks later.

Perhaps most of all, however, I thank you for giving thousands and thousands of other people all around the world the same kind of lasting memories that you’ve given me.  You’ve really done something wonderful, Lauren, something that’s touched people from every walk of life, and there’s no way that all of us could say a thank you big enough or sincere enough to express our gratitude.  Still, we had to try, so I opened up my email to the bronies of Ponychan, PonyGAF, and Equestria Daily, people who also owe a lot of great memories to you, to send you their own letters of gratitude for all that you have done.  You can find their letters below, letters with stories of love found, hope restored, and lives changed.  I know there are a lot of them and that you’re a very busy woman, but I hope that you’ll take the time to scroll through, read some of these letters, see what your work has meant to all of us, and take pride in what you’ve accomplished.  You deserve it.


Tim N.

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What Does the Hit Counter Say About His Viewer Level?

I know, I know, it’s the most overused meme on the Internet, but I couldn’t help myself.  Today, I hit the 9,001st view on my blog, and since it’s Pony Saturday I created this little tribute in my excitement, just for you:

To everyone who was a part of those first 9,000 views, whether you’ve been here since I started or you just stumbled on a post of mine last week, thank you for coming by and being a part of my life.  Whether you’re  a regular reader or a casual visitor, it means a lot to me that you’d spend your time reading what I’ve written, and it encourages me to continue pursuing my dream of being an author.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a full-length vlog giving “thank you”s and shout-outs to all of the people that have meant the most to me over the first two and a half years, so until then know that I love you all and that, clichéd as it may be, I’m truly thankful to be OVER NINE THOUSAND!

Have a wonderful night and a happy Easter!


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New Video (Sort Of)

I’m going to be at home and away from my school’s speedy Internets this weekend, so I’m bumping the Saturday pony post up to today.  That’s a good thing, though, because two big, pony-related things are happening today.  First of all, today is the day before MLP Profile Picture Month officially begins.  During the month of April, all Friendship is Magic fans on Facebook are changing our profile pics to ponies.  Why?  Because we can.  If you want, you can join in, too!  Here are a few fun pictures that you can use if you’d like (Protip: Bucket Dash is always a good choice):

Also, I’m working on a new video project right now that is decidedly pony-related.  After seeing all of the amazing videos in the “Confound These Remixes!” post a while back, I considered making one of my own.  Then, the other day, I was watching Julian Smith’s “I’m Reading a Book”, and I couldn’t help but think it would be amazing to use that audio to create a video of everyone’s favorite bookworm, Twilight Sparkle, rapping/singing “Don’t you ever interrupt me while I’m reading a book!”  Confound these ponies, they drive me to video editing!  I’m not finished with it yet, but I posted a 20 second preview to YouTube today, so feel free to check that out here and let me know what you think in the comments below.  Have a great day, and I’ll be reporting in tomorrow from my lovely home in Michigan.  Until then, God bless!

Also, this:


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Winter Wrap-Up

Saturday is Pony day here on The Author’s Apprentice, so what better day for the last day of winter to fall on than a Saturday?  Tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring, and to Pony fans that means today is Winter Wrap-Up.  Thankfully, the seasons in the real world change on their own, but the idea that the ponies have to literally clear out winter to make way for spring is delightfully creative.  Put that idea to the most cheerful music known to man and MLP:FiM’s signature animation and you have this video, which represents Friendship is Magic at its best: it’s cute, it’s creative, it’s well-executed, and it’s impossible not to smile while watching it.  Enjoy, and have a fantastic Winter Wrap-Up.  Tomorrow, spring is here!

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Ladies and Gentlemen

All too often our relationships fall victim to the laws of physics.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and that’s not always a good thing.  When someone does something uncalled for, our natural tendency is to swing right past the reasonable thing to do into the uncalled-for-zone on the other end of the spectrum.  When someone wrongs us, we don’t want to restore peace and equilibrium, we want to take over and show them how it feels.  It’s all a part of our sin nature, and it’s caused us trouble in relations with people of other races, other genders, other cultures, and other social standings to name just a few.  We talk about equality, about meeting in the middle, but usually when someone notices an injustice and tries to bring “equality” they fly right past it and end up just as far away from equality but on the other side of the line.

Add another point to the growing list of things that I appreciate about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  There are a lot of things that I could discuss from yesterday’s episode, things that I’m sure other people are already discussing in great detail elsewhere, but there’s one thing that stood out to me that most other people have skipped over completely.  The episode’s moral was very much aimed at girls, but another message ran in the background that I found very interesting – one that had everything to do with boys.

The main moral of the episode was that even those who seem weak because of their femininity are capable of handling themselves in tough situations, something that is very true and that girls need to hear.  Unfortunately, however, many of the people who want to teach girls that they aren’t helpless also want to teach them that men are rude and incompetent and that the world would essentially be better off without men in the first place.  “You don’t need a man to rescue you,” they say, “and if he tries then he’s being an outdated, chauvinistic fool.”  That’s something that no one needs to hear, and something that the writers of the episode could easily have said.  After all, Spike the dragon, one of the few recurring male cast members, played a prominent role.  He assisted Rarity with a gem-gathering expedition for her work, and when she was kidnapped he tried his best to fight off her assailants.  After the kidnapping, he pulled together the other main characters for a rescue attempt, sacrificed a gift that she had given him to gain access to the kidnappers’ lair, and led the charge to break down the door to the room where she was being kept.  Of course, Spike and the ponies arrived to discover that Rarity had already essentially freed herself, but Spike still earned an “A” for effort.

The refreshing thing about this whole sequence of events is how Spike’s rescue attempts are portrayed.  Never is his chivalry painted as foolish, and no one makes any condescending remarks about how unnecessary Spike’s efforts were or how silly he was for thinking that Rarity couldn’t handle herself.  Instead, he is presented as brave, caring, and well-intentioned, someone who is willing to go to great lengths to defend and assist a lady in need – all things that a good man should be.  Of course, since the show is aimed primarily at girls, Spike’s noble behavior isn’t directly addressed by the moral, but the attitude that the episode takes toward his gentlemanly conduct is noticeably positive.  When the episode ended, it left me with a feeling of the balance and equality that many activists idolize and few attain.  While women aren’t helpless and they can and should stand up for themselves, men are at the same time not useless and they can and should stand up for the women in their lives, and it’s nice to see a show that teaches the next generation getting that right.  Men ought to be able to show nobility, loyalty, and courtesy without fear of women taking offense, and women can and should be as feminine and ladylike as they please without being seen as weak or incapable.  Perhaps if we all stopped reacting from our pride and stubbornness and made a purposeful choice to act out of humility and kindness we could leave the extremes behind and start treating each other with the love and respect we all deserve.  The world needs more real ladies and gentlemen.  Will you be one?


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