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So I’ve Been Sinking…

It’s Saturday night and I’m pretty much sleep deprived, so I find everything way funnier than I should.  Even so, I’m pretty sure that if I was fully lucid I would still laugh at these three videos.

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And Then It Was Finals Week

I’m writing this blog post while my study partner for the New Testament Survey final makes a McDonald’s run.  When he gets back, hopefully we can complete the four hours of joint studying our professor requires in order for us to work together on the final tomorrow.  While that’s really not as tedious as it sounds, mostly thanks to copious amounts of Swedish Fish Eggs and random fits of distracted ramblings, it is certainly time consuming.  Ah, well, what else could one expect from finals week?

So I was planning on writing a nice Mother’s Day post yesterday, but the Letters to Lauren Faust project sort of exploded and took over my entire Sunday.  While that is undeniably the coolest interruption I’ve ever had the privilege to experience, the busyness of it all put me off my scheduled blogging groove a little, so I might not be able to write a Mother’s Day post to do my Mom justice until finals are out of the way (sorry, Mom).

Speaking of Letters to Lauren Faust, as of now the collection is at 121, which is absolutely astounding, and the submissions have mostly quieted down.  I really need to set aside some time to read them all, there are some incredible stories in there.  A big thanks goes out to all the bronies who submitted their letters, and an extra big thanks to mazeedibeedi and ThreeSix on PonyGAF for sending the post to Equestria Daily, and to Sethisto at Equestria Daily for featuring Letters to Lauren Faust.  Without you this project never would have become what it did.  You guys are fantastic.  As for the progress of the project, I have sent Lauren a note on deviantArt informing her of our endeavor and asking her to stop by and take a look, but she hasn’t been active there since then.  She should get the note next time she logs in, and with any luck she’ll read the letters and send some kind of confirmation that she did so.  Which would be awesome beyond words.

I guess that’s all the news I have for this scatter-brained update post, and Darius will be back with his McFood any minute now, so without further ado this is your friendly neighborhood faithful student Tim Newton signing out and hitting the books.  Or maybe I should just read them.  Yeah, that would make more sense.


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Late Night

It seems inevitable – every time I come back to school from a break an all-nighter isn’t far behind.  I’ve got a paper and a half to write tonight and a news article to conduct interviews for and write tomorrow afternoon, so that means that tonight is going to be a late one.  On the one hand I have to focus, but I also have to keep myself from either falling asleep or going nuts and standing on my head in the hallway, so I’ve developed a few strategies for my late night battles:

1. Get free food.  Our school clears out the perishable items from the Commons at 11:00 every night and the cafeteria workers roll them out on a cart and offer them to students for free.  While this is a great concept, the execution can get a little dicey – basically, everyone just gathers around the door like a swarm of parasprites and waits for the cart to come out, at which point we spend approximately sixty five seconds throwing our elbows around and filling our arms with food and then disperse suddenly like nothing happened.  If you get into the fray early on a good night you can get some great stuff, like a warm grilled chicken sandwich or a ceasar salad.  Sometimes all you get is a cookie or a slice of cold pizza.  Either way, it’s a fun diversion from schoolwork and the food gives me much needed energy for the long night ahead.  A whole new conundrum arises when you get a salad with no dressing, though… I mean, what are you supposed to do with that?

2. Music.  That pretty much explains itself.  Peppy, upbeat, cheerful, music, as long as it’s not so loud as to be headache-inducing, is a great way to keep the mind lurching ahead in the wee hours of the morning when it’s ready to stall out.

3.  Well-timed Internet breaks.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  All typing and listening to music with no breaks makes Tim fall asleep and/or type sentences that are a lot forget where he’s going sometimes leaves out a verb change tense rambling because he’s not thinking about the words that sentences that are a lot like this one.  So, every once in a while, when my mind starts to wander, I queue up a quick video on YouTube or do two or three stumbles on StumbleUpon to break up the monotony.

4.  Well-timed pacing the hall breaks.  Even when I take a video break, I’m still in a dark room staring at a screen.  My eyes need light and my legs need motion, so whenever I need to get my mind out of a rut or my eyes start burning, I spend a few minutes wandering the halls of the dorm and letting my mind rest.

I’ll probably be doing all four of those in varying amounts tonight, but the most important thing I need to get done is this homework… that and figuring out how to eat my dressingless salad.  I’d better be on my way if I want to finish both in time to fit in a few hours of shuteye, so I bid you adieu.  Get some sleep, and have sweet dreams!  Now where did I leave my fork…

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Confessions of a Recording Artist

I am now officially a recording artist.  I spent most of today at College Church recording with the Moody Men’s Collegiate Choir, and by the time the evening was over we’d finished eight or nine different tracks.  That’s right, folks, I’ve been in the studio, I know what it’s like on the inside.  To be honest, it’s not that thrilling.  It turns out that we mostly just stood on a stage and sang all of the songs we sing in rehearsals and at concerts, except we had two disembodied voices saying things like “We’re rolling” through the speakers and our conductor said “Take One” or “Take Two” or “Take Nineteen” before we started singing each time and there were a lot of microphones.  Still, the room sounded fantastic, all echoing and majestic, and we sang some of my favorite songs, and I traded the banana in my box dinner for a Golden Delicious, so all in all it was a great day.  Plus, that’s another item off the bucket list.  Become an official recording artist, check.  Next up: embark on a tour as a recording artist that covers at least four states.  Spring Break, here I come!


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Thursdays Are Fast

If the days of the week ran a marathon, I think Monday would win.  It always seems to drag on and on, and when it finally does come to an end you wake up seven days later and it’s back for more.  Monday is an endurance champion, no doubt, but if the days of the week had a one hundred meter dash, I’m pretty sure Thursday would take home the gold.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s 11:34 PM in Chicago and it feels like 8:00 at the latest.  Thursday isn’t interested in hanging around, my friends.  He’s not the type to hold a long, leisurely chat over brunch.  He’s got places to go and things to do, and apparently letting me write the post I was planning was not on his list.  Oh, well, I’ve always got Friday.  He and Saturday are the fat, slow guys at the back of the race.  And Sunday is like Eric Liddell, because he refuse to run on Sundays, and since it’s always Sunday for him… well, he’s kind of out of luck.  Not a chance those three are escaping my grasp – unless I get distracted.  It tend to do that sometimes.  So, in short, today went by too quickly, but at least I managed to get milk.  In a tossup between a blog post and milk, milk wins.  Don’t believe me?  You try eating dry Corn Chex for breakfast tomorrow.  Your mouth will not thank you.

Anyway, that’s all of my ramblings for now, but before I go, here’s a question for you: what’s your favorite day of the week?  And if you had to assign it one personality trait, what would that be?

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