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Song of the Week: “On My Way” by Phil Collins

My friend Scott introduced me to this song this summer, and as I embark on the journey from this precious moment in my life toward the next, I can’t think of a song that sums up my feelings better.  I’m always sad to leave Lake Ann behind when the summer ends, but that sadness pales in comparison to the joy that fills me when I realize that, at last, I’m on my way home again with the ones I love the most: my family.  So, tell everybody I’m on my way, and I’m loving every step I take.  I hope that my path brings me back to Lake Ann time and again, but no matter what happens, there’s nowhere else that I would rather be than on my way – on my way forward, on my way upward, on my way home.  I can’t wait to see what the journey holds for me next.

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