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Song of the Week: “The Scientist” by Coldplay

What can I say about “The Scientist”?  It’s a poetic, tragic, touching, dramatic, soothing, exquisite song, and while the lyrics may be a little cryptic, its story still comes through with enough clarity to be moving.  And “The Scientist” is really, at its core, a story.  On the one hand, it’s a sad story, a story of lost love, wasted opportunities and lingering regrets, but it’s also a story about forgiveness, starting over and learning that love is not a science, but an art – difficult to master, yet worth every ounce of effort.

“The Scientist” by Coldplay

Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry
You don’t know how lovely you are
I had to find you, tell you I need you
Tell you I set you apart

Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions
Oh, let’s go back to the start
Running in circles, coming up tails
Heads on a science apart

Nobody said it was easy
It’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start

I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling the puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart

But tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
Oh and I rush to the start
Running in circles, chasing our tails
Coming back as we are

Nobody said it was easy
Oh, it’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard
I’m going back to the start

Oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ah ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh


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Trailer Tunes

When my brother came up for a visit on Friday, he brought an iTunes gift card with him, so yesterday we picked out some new music together.  My favorite of these new additions to my musical library is the album “Invincible” by Two Steps from Hell.  Now before you write me off as a metal-head I have to explain to you that Two Steps from Hell is not, in fact, a band of loud, screaming guitars and louder, screaming-er people.  Two Steps from Hell is a group of musicians that writes music specifically for use in movie and video game trailers.  Their music is sweeping, orchestral, and extremely exhilirating, and I’ve already listened to most of it several times in the 24 hours since I bought it.  My brain works kind of strangely, in case you hadn’t already noticed, and listening to all of this inspiring trailer music has reminded me of several of my favorite songs that I’ve always thought would make for fitting trailer tunes as well.  Every time I listen to these songs I can’t help but envision a preview for a specific type of movie playing in my head.  I even have the seed of a story idea floating around in my head for one or two of them, and sometimes I mouth the words that the characters would be saying in the trailer or change the speed of my walk to fit the mood and tempo of the music.  This has probably caused more than one person to get more than a little weirded out, but I bet if they were listening to the same music they’d be making strange faces and throwing their hands up in the air at odd intervals, too.  Either that or I’m hopelessly bizarre.  Or both.  Anyway, here’s a list of four songs that I think would make great movie trailers:

1. “RSL 1984” by Newsboys – This dramatic, quasi-autobiographical song from Peter Fuhrler may not seem like trailer music at first, but if you listen through to the chorus you’ll hear what I’m talking about.  When the music slows to a hush and Peter intones, “We rolled out the barrels, boys/and sang with a single voice”, you feel it coming like a tingle in the back of your neck, then the violins and guitars shoot straight through the roof and you’re instantly transported into the preview for a moving, nostalgic drama complete with a coming-of-age vibe and glowing critical reviews in literally glowing letters showing up at regular intervals and a top-down shot of the protagonist beaming and spinning around in the rain, hands outstretched to the sky.  Or maybe you’re just thinking “Weren’t the Newsboys from the 90’s or something?”  If that’s the case, I can’t do anything for you.

2. “The Fatal Wound” by Switchfoot – This song has been on my mind a lot lately.  It’s got a unique sound and feel to it, and it’s quite a haunting blend of minor and major, weary and hopeful.  I can imagine this one being in a trailer for some kind of edgy, serious, and heavily stylized movie that speaks of revenge and redemption and is set in a desert with two chiseled tough guys in the main roles.  For some reason I think the trailer wouldn’t have very much talking in it, it would mostly be grim and artistic shots like a bus driving down a dusty road with the antagonist the lone and brooding passenger or a panning shot from the top of a steeple down through a stained-glass window to focus on the rugged protagonist praying in a pew.  The only reasonable explanation I can think of for this idea is that I thought of it while on spring tour with the men’s choir, so we were pretty much always on a bus or in a church.  Either way, I definitely sized up most of the churches that I walked into while listening to this song with an eye for whether or not they’d look good in the trailer.  Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

3. “Life in Technicolor ii” by Coldplay – I really shouldn’t have to explain this one.  This song screams “I BELONG IN THE TRAILER TO A CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, TRAGIC-BUT-HEARTWARMING LOVE STORY THAT MAY OR MAY NOT WIN AN OSCAR!”  And yes, it uses all caps.  This particular tune is kind of my baby, because I actually have a bit of a story idea to go with it.  I won’t give everything away here, but it’s very touching and it involves magnets and a parking garage.  That all-caps screaming may or may not have been wishful thinking on my part, my subconscious refuses to confirm or deny that possibility.

4. “Needle and Haystack Life” by Switchfoot – Apparently Switchfoot is good at writing movie trailer music, because the chorus to this song would fit a light-hearted romantic comedy like a glove.  It’s upbeat and perky and uplifting and the lyrics are about as adorable as they come.  I mean really, read this: “In this needle and haystack life/ I’ve found miracles there in your eyes/ It’s no accident we’re here tonight/ We are once in a lifetime alive/ We are once in a lifetime.”  Are you feeling all mushy inside yet?  And if so, have you consulted a doctor about that?  That doesn’t sound good.

So there you have it, four songs that are just begging to be made into movie trailers.  If you work with a movie studio, I’d recommend getting the rights to one or more of these (also, I’m available to discuss the whole “Oscar-winning love story” thing).  If not, just leave a comment with a song that you think would make for a good movie trailer in the comments below, and DFTBA.


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Song of the Week: “Love Story Meets Viva La Vida” arranged by Jon Schmidt

This week’s song is a beautiful instrumental mash-up of two popular songs: “Love Story” by Taylor Swift and “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay.  The simple, piano-and-strings arrangement works wonderfully, and the two songs blend together so naturally that you wonder why you didn’t notice the similarities sooner.  Jon Schmidt is a talented arranger who has tackled a lot of songs, so be sure to check out more of his songs if you like this one.  There are two versions of the song on Grooveshark, one of which is just the track while the other includes a short commentary at the end by Jon Schmidt about why he arranged the song the way he did.  I’ll link you to both just in case you want to hear the story, and since it’s instrumental there are no lyrics to post, so I’ll see you all tomorrow with a new Pathos post featuring Holy Worlds creator Jay Lauser.  Don’t forget to leave me a comment telling me your favorite song so I can feature it in a future song of the week.  Enjoy the music!

Just the song: “Love Story Meets Viva La Vida”

Commentary: “Love Story Meets Viva La Vida (Extended)”

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