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The Grill

Community is incredible, isn’t it?  In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to connect with everyone you know and their cousin and yet still spend most of your life alone.  Despite their name, social networks are just the opposite.  We can claim people as our friends, but never talk to them face to face; we can “like” everything they say and never have any meaningful exchanges.  It doesn’t take long for this solo act to wear us out, because we were made to live together with other people.  We were made to care about more than just what we have to say and what everyone else thinks of it, meant to know more about our friends than all of the pithy quotes and witty one-liners they carefully select to show to the world at large.  We were meant to go deep, to be authentic, and to truly love one another.  Tonight, the guys from my floor headed down to the lounge one floor down, and we spent some time fellowshipping with the men who live there.  We cooked up some meat, tossed around some fun and also quite a few probing questions, then we settled in to hear my roommate Dan’s testimony and pray for each other.  After a long day of sitting in my room, wondering why I felt so logey (look it up, it’s a great word), spending some time down at “The Grill” reminded me that there are a lot of sincere, godly, fun men here at school every day that I rarely acknowledge, and I think that that is a huge mistake.  After all, if God wanted me to believe that I was the most important person in the world, why did He make several billion others and order me to love each of them as much as myself?  It looks to me like the ratio of love for others and love for myself in my heart should be about several-billion-to-one, and I can tell you now that’s not the case.  I can also tell you, however, that that’s something I want to change.  By the grace of God, I want to take off my Facebook face and interact with the real people in the real world and make a real difference in their lives – and maybe in the process I’ll see some real conviction and real change in my own life, too.


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