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Song of the Week: Hot Air Balloon by Owl City

Say what you’d like about Owl City, that his songs are too similar, that he overuses autotune, that his songs make no sense, but there’s one thing that you can’t deny: Owl City makes the happiest music on Earth.  When Owl City is playing, you can’t be angry or sad or even a little down because you’re too busy smiling and bobbing your head.  It’s like a giant lollipop for your ears; you know, the big swirly ones that could cover Bigfoot’s entire face.  Out of all of Owl City’s indomitably cheerful tunes, however, one has arisen as my very favorite: “Hot Air Balloon”.  There’s just something about the joy in the music and the childlike wonder and imagination in the lyrics that never fails to brighten my day.  You can find the song and the lyrics after the break; and remember, kids: don’t actually stick lollipops in your ears.  It’s just a bad idea.

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