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In Case You Were Wondering…

You may have noticed that there is no longer a tree-and-starry-skies motif going on around here.  Instead, there is a brightly colored amalgamation of Precocious characters, ponies, puppies, and my friend Bryce’s face.  Allow me to explain via screenshot:

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Letters to Lauren Faust

Dear Lauren,

It’s been three months since I first watched an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I still remember that day clearly.  A chain reaction started on that unassuming Saturday afternoon, one that has created more laughs, smiles, and fond memories than I ever expected, and it’s all because you fell in love with an idea and dedicated yourself to making it a reality.  Today, as I watched the season finale, I thought back on all of those memories and realized that without you, none of them would have even been possible, and I knew that I had to thank you somehow.  That’s why I wrote this letter: to let you in on a few of the best memories I’ve made thanks to your ponies, and to let you know how grateful I am for your part in making them.

So thank you.  Thank you for essentially introducing me to one of my best friends, Tek, whom I met through the comments section of my first pony-related post way back in February.  Thank you for the smile that I wore as I drew a picture of Pinkie Pie to send to my fifteen-year-old sister, whose cheerful spirit reminds me a lot of everyone’s favorite party pony, and thank you for the even bigger smile that I got when she wrote me back saying “I decided I’m officially Pinkie Pie!  Speaking of ponies, would you draw me a picture of Fluttershy?  Please?”.  Thank you for the chance to watch the show with her and my sixteen-year-old brother, and for all the fun we’ve had quoting it back and forth to each other since.  Thank you for the unexpected fun of watching one of my college friends succumb to the charm of the ponies, and for how it’s given us a great excuse to hang out every Thursday afternoon to watch a few episodes and chat.  Thanks, too, for the great laugh I got when a friend who posted “What’s up with the ponies?” on my Facebook wall in early April posted “I want a pet alligator named Gummy” just a few weeks later.

Perhaps most of all, however, I thank you for giving thousands and thousands of other people all around the world the same kind of lasting memories that you’ve given me.  You’ve really done something wonderful, Lauren, something that’s touched people from every walk of life, and there’s no way that all of us could say a thank you big enough or sincere enough to express our gratitude.  Still, we had to try, so I opened up my email to the bronies of Ponychan, PonyGAF, and Equestria Daily, people who also owe a lot of great memories to you, to send you their own letters of gratitude for all that you have done.  You can find their letters below, letters with stories of love found, hope restored, and lives changed.  I know there are a lot of them and that you’re a very busy woman, but I hope that you’ll take the time to scroll through, read some of these letters, see what your work has meant to all of us, and take pride in what you’ve accomplished.  You deserve it.


Tim N.

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Winter Wrap-Up

Saturday is Pony day here on The Author’s Apprentice, so what better day for the last day of winter to fall on than a Saturday?  Tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring, and to Pony fans that means today is Winter Wrap-Up.  Thankfully, the seasons in the real world change on their own, but the idea that the ponies have to literally clear out winter to make way for spring is delightfully creative.  Put that idea to the most cheerful music known to man and MLP:FiM’s signature animation and you have this video, which represents Friendship is Magic at its best: it’s cute, it’s creative, it’s well-executed, and it’s impossible not to smile while watching it.  Enjoy, and have a fantastic Winter Wrap-Up.  Tomorrow, spring is here!

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Pinkie Pie Christians

(This image is the property of Hasbro)

I stood outside the Commons at school a few nights ago talking with a good friend, and something that he said lodged itself firmly in the front of my mind.  “There are too many grumpy Christians,” he told me grimly.  That simple idea stayed with me all throughout the week.  I had to wonder, if a fellow believer sees grumpiness in the Christians around him, what does everyone else think?  If you were to ask a random man on the street what he thinks of Christians, would he give an answer similar to my friend’s observation?

While I’ve heard that men’s brains are compartmentalized, like waffles or some such thing, mine is more like a bowl of soup.  All of my thoughts and ideas and memories float around with the current, which means that most of them are going to bump against each other at some point.  That’s exactly what happened after I talked to my friend.  The idea of Christian grumpiness bumped against all those episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic I watched last weekend (see last Saturday’s post) and a new thought came to me.

We need more Pinkie Pie Christians.

That statement makes no sense out of context, so allow me to explain.  Pinkie Pie is one of the characters from MLP:FiM, and her main characteristic is her friendliness.  She’s outgoing, energetic, and indomitably cheerful, but the point I really want to get at is that she lives to make people feel welcome.  When Twilight (the main character) first arrives in town, Pinkie Pie takes one look at her, realizes that she’s new, and dashes off to put together a surprise welcoming party.  She can’t stand the thought of not celebrating the arrival of the new kid in town.  If you looked in the Thesaurus for “grumpy”, the antonyms section would be a picture of Pinkie Pie.

I’m not suggesting that every Christian needs to be bouncy and excited and ridiculously outgoing all the time.  I’m not trying to tell you that you should change your personality or just fake a smile for the rest of your life.  What I am saying is that we as Christians need to be willing to think of others before we think of ourselves.  When’s the last time that you took notice of someone new, someone out of place, someone lonely?  When’s the last time that you went out of your way to welcome someone in, whether it be into your church, your school, your work, or your life?  Everyone needs friends, but in our self-centered world we’re all more concerned with staying comfortable and celebrating ourselves than with reaching out and making others feel comfortable and welcomed instead.  Imagine what God could do with a few more men and women who made the choice to step up and fill that fundamental need in the lives of those around them.  Imagine what a few warm, friendly, inviting, loving believers could accomplish in showing off the immeasurably greater love of our Savior .  We need more Pinkie Pie Christians.  Are you willing to be one?


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