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Pathos: Adam Swensen

Earlier this week, my friend Adam Swensen interviewed me for a post on his blog, The Next Generation, the first in his new weekly series called “Fire-starters”.  I really caught onto his vision for the series, and with his permission I’ve decided to start a similar series of weekly posts here on The Author’s Apprentice called “Pathos” (Greek for “passion”) featuring interviews with Christians who want to be used by God in big ways.  This week, I interviewed none other than Adam Swensen, a teenager who is incredibly passionate about God, people, and justice.

The Author’s Apprentice: If you only had one day left to live, what would you do and why?

Adam Swensen: I think I would put out a blog and vlog stating my situation. I would tell everyone I could that I love them.  I would definitely hang out with my family.  I would pass on my blog to someone to continue writing.  I would definitely make sure everyone knows that I love them.

TAA: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?

AS: I would definitely become friends with homeless people, former slaves, kids that think about suicide, and the kids with no friends.  I really can’t say that I have one way I want to change the world, but I would like to begin speaking and seeing our generation rise!

TAA: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

AS: I would definitely change my habit of procrastinating and wasting time.  Time wasting and procrastination are my worst enemies.  I wish I was more organized.  I have begun in the process of changing those things… lemme tell you, it is tough!

TAA: Who are your heroes and what about them inspires you?

AS: Zach Hunter and E.J. Swanson are my heroes.  When Zach was 12, he became aware that there are still slaves – 27 million to be exact. Well he didn’t just sit and weep for those 27 million.  He went out and did something.  Through the course of events, he became the global spokesperson for Amazing Change, an organization founded through the movie Amazing Grace.  He started a student campaign called Loose Change to Loosen Chains.  It is student-run, and exists as a money raiser for organizations fighting slavery.  He has written 3 books (his first one when he was 15) and he is still a teen! That in itself is inspirational. He did all those things that ADULTS are doing, and he is just a teen! He is evidence God will use us if we are open to it.
E.J. Swanson is my adult hero.  He is a nationally known speaker.  He has shared the stage with Big Daddy Weave, David Crowder Band, and many more and he is only 26!  The way he invests in teens is exactly how I want to.  He is very inspiring and encourages teens to do big things!

TAA: What do you want your life and ministry to look like in 5 years? 15 years? At the end of your life? What are you doing today to bring that about?

AS: In five years, I would like to have started speaking in churches all over and be used by God to MOVE my generation. In 15 years, I would like to see myself as a known author of several books, still glorifying God, and still being used by him! At the end of my life I want to be able to look back and KNOW I was used by God. As of right now, I am writing blogs, preaching whenever I can, and investing what I can into others.

TAA: What is your passion?

AS: My passion is to be used by the BIG God we have! When I die, I want to die KNOWING I stood for something, and I want people to see that!

TAA: What makes you angry?

AS: Social injustices make me angry. Whether it is unfairness at work, a guy disrespecting a girl, bullying, or slavery! I was born a sensitive person and can’t stand to see people go through stuff that is not right.

TAA: If everyone in the world gathered together to listen to you speak for five minutes, what would you say to them?

AS: I would tell the Christians to MOVE! I would tell them that we have the same power that rose Christ from the dead, we just need to use it! When we learn to use it, our lives will begin to be lived as more of what Christ lived! For the unbelievers, I would tell them they are loved and that there is a God who can’t stand for them to live without seeing Him! I would tell them that HE IS THEIR HOPE and nothing else will satisfy! I would hope that the Christians would also take that to heart.  I am seeing more and more Christians falling in to sex, drugs, and alcohol. WE HAVE THE LOVE OF GOD IN US!  He should and can satisfy us alone!

TAA: How can we pray for you?

AS: You can pray for me that I would be used by God and that I would be open to His will. I need direction as to what to do after high school. I also need prayer for the elimination of my time wasting and procrastination habits!



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