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Why Dan is the Best Roommate Ever

1. Dan is Alaskan

2. Dan tells wacky bedtime stories at random

3. Dan is fun to watch Wipeout, Survivor, and The Amazing Race with every week

4. Dan doesn’t clean the room, so I don’t feel bad about not cleaning the room either

5. Dan is blind without his glasses on, which allows for hilarious pranks involving large numbers of people hiding in the room and surprising him when he tries to go to sleep

6. Dan knows how to make YouTube gold

7. Dan is always willing to play one more game of Super Smash Bros.

8. Dan drags me along on crazy adventures involving fountains and the like

9. Dan has ridiculously curly hair

10. Dan gives me ideas like this one when I’m at a loss for a blog post and I only have twenty minutes left in which to come up with something

Thanks for making my freshman year a good one, Dan.



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