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Summer in Review Part 4: Wal-Mart Runs and Other Adventures

How to sum up the pure brilliance that was Summer 2011?  What was it that made every day better than the last?  Sure, the work was fun, and Chefy is the best boss a guy could ask for, but there was more to it than that.  Yes, hearing Ken Rudolph’s stellar preaching five days a week was wonderful, and so were all of the fun weekend trips, but those aren’t the memories that will stick with me longest.  No, the reason that I loved this summer so much, the reason that there will never be another summer like it, is because of all of the amazing friends who shared it with me and helped shape it into the adventure that it was – and believe me, it was an adventure.

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Breaking Up With PostADay

Dear PostADay,

I remember when I met you back in January.  I was an inexperienced and uncertain young blogger looking for a boost, and you seemed like just the one to help me out of my semi-regular posting funk.  Looking back from six months later, I can say without a doubt that you really were the one that I needed.  You helped me learn to write even when I didn’t feel like it, showed me what things I loved to write about and what things bored me to tears, and even helped me through the temptations of stats obsession and gave me confidence as a blogger.  I don’t regret a single moment that we spent together, but I also don’t regret that now, it’s time for me to say goodbye.

Believe me, it’s not your fault.  The last six months have been some of the happiest of my life, and I’m glad you were a part of them.  Sure, sometimes you added stress to those nights when I just couldn’t focus or I wasn’t satisfied with my work, but you also led me to try new things, to meet new friends, and even to learn the ins and outs of WordPress a little more thoroughly.  You gave me an opportunity to do something constructive with my free time instead of wasting it, but now that free time is growing less and less and I just can’t promise you the level of commitment that you demand.

It’s not that I don’t want to post every day, PostADay.  I’d love to post something funny or thoughtful or encouraging or challenging every day for the rest of my life, but the truth is that some days I can’t.  Some days the best that I can do is a lame excuse or a goofy picture, and you deserve better than that.  This blog deserves better than that.  My readers deserve better than that.  There’s no reason for me to add to all of the ludicrously unnecessary pointlessness on the Internet; in fact, that’s the opposite of my mission.  I want to write things that matter, things that are worth the time and effort that it takes to read them.  If that means that my posts are fewer and farther between, that you and I have to break up after coming so far, then I have no other choice.  It’s time to officially say goodbye for the last time, PostADay.  Thanks for the memories.  Maybe I’ll see you again someday.


Tim N.

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Weekend Geek-Out!

So many ridiculously great things happened this weekend that I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just do this thing mind-dump style!  Here we go:

– My dad and my sister Christiana came up to Lake Ann this Friday night and took my brother Jonathan and I to spend the weekend with them at my Uncle Don’s house in Traverse City.  I usually try not to miss posts on account of PostADay, but when it comes to spending time with my family nothing is allowed to get in the way, so that’s why I didn’t post on Friday or Saturday.

– At my Uncle’s house, we got to relax and laugh and play together, something I haven’t had a chance to do with Dad and Christiana for months now.  It was incredibly refreshing.  We played the Funny Paper Game and watched Robin Hood and took a guided tour of the nearby peninsula with Uncle Don.  He pointed out all of the Fudgies and how poorly they drove, and he said that Jonathan and I aren’t so much Fudgies as part-time residents.  So there you have it.  I have been officially certified a non-Fudgy by a Traverse Citizen.

– Fun fact: hippos make the sound “Meh.  Meh.  Beh.  Beh.”  Chefy will back me up on that.

– Manzana Lift is the most delicious pop in all of existence.  It’s better than Fanta Orange.  It’s better than Rock ‘n’ Rye.  It’s better than pure liquid splendor.  I learned this many years ago in Mexico, but I didn’t know until this weekend that it is finally available in a select few places in the great state of Michigan, and one of those places is twenty minutes from my house downstate.  Dad was kind enough to bring me a bottle, but now I can’t wait to go home and get some more.

– My mom sends the best care packages.  I know I already mentioned this back in the spring semester, but it’s worth repeating.  This time around, she sent me a Friendship is Magic coloring book and a shark-shaped water pistol and a giant ball full of water and glitter.  And, of course, a bunch of candy.  This time the candy was Super Mario themed, which makes it extra delicious.

– Some of the best memories of my life were created on Wal-Mart runs with Adam Beckmeyer.  We have never gone to Wal-Mart without having an insanely good time in the process.  This time, we went to buy a giant box of crayons so that I’d have the right colors for my coloring book (the box Mom sent only had one shade of purple, which is definitely a hindrance when trying to color Twilight Sparkle, who is several shades of purple).  We ended up also buying some pink shoelaces and waving at a lot of random people as we drove past them.  I think I accidentally scared one lady because she wasn’t looking at us when I yelled hello, but most of the people waved back and were very friendly.  Except for the guys in the farting truck, but they were slow drivers and they loved pollution so they didn’t count.

– I finally received my packet from Chrispy after the longest week of my life, but Adam Beckmeyer found it before I did and hid it from me.  Fortunately, he’s terrible at hiding things, so I found it and opened it immediately.  What waited for me inside was the very definition of exceedingly cute:

This is the greatest thing I've ever received by mail. End of story.

I could not have asked for a more perfect rendition of the sketch I requested, and I am still geeking out about how awesome that sketch is.  Also, you all need to go read Chrispy’s comic, Precocious, right now.  I’m not kidding.  Do it.

–  I now have about eight minutes to go to bed before I’m past curfew, so it’s time to wrap this up.  Long story short: I just had the best weekend of my life, and I’m still geeking out about it.  Life is good!  Bring on week 6 of camp!

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Candid Car Ride or This Is What My Life is Like Every Day

Disclaimer: This post contains the word “transvestite”, but the individual in question is a jug of water named Drew Waters.  There was no actual dating involved.  Also, Adam Beckmeyer was driving.  I thought I should specify that in case he crashes and we all die so you know who to blame.

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Rule #32 – Enjoy the Little Things

Today was a big adventure, with all of the support staff from Lake Ann Camp heading out to Traverse City for the Cherry Festival, but that’s not what made it a great day.  The trip to the Festival itself was merely a backdrop for a series of life’s little pleasures, the sort of things that, when added up, create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Here are the top five little things that made today great:

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The Wacky World of Quelf

What is Quelf?  Simplest answer: Quelf is a board game.  Most accurate answer: Quelf is the perfect blend of randomness concentrate and friendship, and it is the most fun you will ever have while sitting at a table.  Here, a selection of choice quotes from tonight’s epic game with fellow Lake Ann staffers Adam, Scott, Christian, Shelby, Jonathan, and Megan.

“That is true, false.  It’s true that it’s false; false.” – Scott

“Quack, quack, quack!” – Shelby (every time anyone drew a card)

“I’d love to play this game at 3 in the morning, when everyone’s like, (O_o).” – Scott

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Song of the Week: “Supertones Strike Back” by The O.C. Supertones

This one’s in honor of my friend Adam Beckmeyer (there’ll be an interview from him later this week).  He listens to the Supertones whenever he’s feeling down because it’s impossible to frown when the ska is blaring!  Enjoy some snazzy trumpets and smiles courtesy of the O.C. Supertones and Adam B. – the man, the legend.

“Supertones Strike Back”

Just like Leah’s Father
You hit, we hit back harder
Like Huss and Stephen, I am not afraid to be a Martyr
California sun and sky
slip inside a suit and tie
Chevy rolls up to the house with everybody outside
gonna get down like we did the day before
50 more people be waitin’ at the door
Team against team, Let’s even the score
If there’s 50 people outside,
We got room for 50 more!
And we’re movinn’ all smooth and when we get groovin’
we’re fresh like salsa and we’re fat like juben
You’re cranium’s cracked from my Shaolin attack
protect your neck, SUPERTONES strike back!

We want this whole band to be a big love letter
so we play the SKA and it makes you feel better
God’s got love for us, so we got love for you
it’s your life, so what you wanna do?

So come on put a glide in your stride, and a dip in yo hip
best back the heck up, cuz’ hip-hop rolls from my lips
i spit when I rap, saliva flies when I sing
God gives me gifts, just look at my ring
Look less at me and look more to Christ
His grace has saved me and His grace will suffice us
So I jump for Jesus, it’s Jesus who frees us
Let’s get dumb like Beavis, I don’t care who sees us

When we hop to hip-hop John Bell gets ill props
you know he can rock socks
give out love from his soapbox
with hip-hop nonstop, hippidie, hippidie, hop
first I can rock them socks, then I can knock your block
You can’t stop this, you can’t clock this
You can’t dis this, so please don’t miss this
a van and a roadmap, keep my life in my bakcpack
Comin’ through your town, SUPERTONES strike back





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