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A New Direction

You may have noticed a few subtle changes around The Author’s Apprentice lately. If not, I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about soon as the changes become less and less subtle over the next few days.  Here’s the deal: a few months ago, two of my very best friends, Adam Swensen and Adam Beckmeyer, and I decided to put our heads together and launch a collaborative blog as a way of staying close over the next semester.  They’re attending school in Washington state and Alabama respectively, so I’m thrilled to get the opportunity to interact with them so closely on this project.

We launched said project, Singular Spectrum, tonight over at http://singularspectrum.wordpress.com, and I’d encourage all of you to go check it out.  Both of the Adams are incredible guys with a lot of great things to say, and I think you’ll enjoy the unique flavor of the site (not to mention the spectacular posts we have lined up so far for our first week).  We’re going to be updating daily, each of us writing two posts a week, so be sure to check in regularly over the next few days to get a taste of the two Adams’ stellar writing.

That said, I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to redefine the direction that I want to take with The Author’s Apprentice.  Ever since I tried PostADay the content on this blog has rapidly spiraled out of focus and into utter chaos.  As much fun as that chaos occasionally was, most of the time I found myself wondering how things had gotten so out of hand and how I could reign them back in again, and now I have the perfect chance.  So, over the next few days, I’ll be freshening up the look of the site, updating the About pages and categories and the like, and taking The Author’s Apprentice in a slightly new direction.  From here on out, most of my posts about everyday life, media reviews, or humor will go up on Singular Spectrum while The Author’s Apprentice will return to the roots of its namesake: posts about writing, story and character ideas, and ruminations about following the Author Himself and what I’ve learned from Him.

Once I have all of the changes in place, I’ll get right back to posting as soon as possible.  I’m aiming to update with my next regular post, an amazing interview that I had the privelege to conduct with my friend Tekaramity, on Wednesday evening, so don’t miss it.  Until then, show some love to the Adams over at Singular Spectrum and keep being awesome, my friends.

I’ll catch you on the (much tidier) flip side!


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And They Called the Madness… April

Hey, look everyone, it’s spring!  Time has sure flown, and now that April is just around the corner I thought that I’d let you know what I’ve been up to lately (and will be up to soon).  I’ll start with the blog maintenance.  As many of you know, I’ve been planning and enacting some changes to the site.  As far as the appearance goes, I’m working on getting a new theme and a name that better represent my passion for writing and my love for God (I’d love feedback and suggestions on what you would like to see!).  Also, I’ll be posting more frequently, hopefully once a week or more.  Then there’s Script Frenzy, a challenge to write 100 pages of TV, movie or play script (or a graphic novel) in the month of April.  You remember NaNoWriMo from November, right?  Well, Script Frenzy is her sister program for the more theatrically inclined.  I’m very excited to co-write the pilot for a Sci-Fi TV program called “Aldaeus” with my brother, Andrew (more information on that will be forthcoming).  Last (and, of course, best) is my next Hard Thing: a Distaction Detox.  That’s one week without television, internet, MP3 players, video games, and all manner of electronic noise that normally envelopes my life.  One week to step away from the things that keep me busy doing nothing and spend more time with the God I love, the family I love, and the things that I love to do (and that are worth doing).  I’m not sure when I’ll be doing it yet, but I’m excited to see what kind of difference it makes in my emotions, relationships, and especially my relationship with God.  When I’m done, I think God wants me to encourage other young men and women to step back from the distractions in their lives, too, and listen to the things that are worth hearing.  All in all, April looks to be a blast, and I’m excited to share all of these experiences with you!  Please pray for me, that God will guide me in all of the writing and working and playing and especially in the distraction detox, because it’s all for his glory, and to help me know him and love him in a deeper way.  Here’s to an exciting April adventure!

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