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In Case You Were Wondering…

You may have noticed that there is no longer a tree-and-starry-skies motif going on around here.  Instead, there is a brightly colored amalgamation of Precocious characters, ponies, puppies, and my friend Bryce’s face.  Allow me to explain via screenshot:

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In One Direction

I was chatting with my little brother on Facebook this evening when a friend of mine from Lake Ann Camp, Ted Sadler, sent me a message.  We conversed for a while, then he said, “By the way, thanks for helping to inspire me,” and posted a link to his new blog.  It turns out that during the week that we’d worked together at Lake Ann, I had planted the seed in his mind to start blogging, and he decided to follow through with it last week.

His new blog, In One Direction, is only a few days old, but it’s already shaping up to be a blog worth following.  Ted is an excellent writer and poet with a lot of great insights about the Christian walk, and his posts are both challenging and uplifting.  I’d encourage you to give his first three posts a read, starting with this one to get an idea of his vision for the site, and be sure to check back for updates in the near future.

Congratulations on your new blog, Ted, and I can’t wait to read more as you write for the glory of God!

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Thursdays Are Fast

If the days of the week ran a marathon, I think Monday would win.  It always seems to drag on and on, and when it finally does come to an end you wake up seven days later and it’s back for more.  Monday is an endurance champion, no doubt, but if the days of the week had a one hundred meter dash, I’m pretty sure Thursday would take home the gold.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s 11:34 PM in Chicago and it feels like 8:00 at the latest.  Thursday isn’t interested in hanging around, my friends.  He’s not the type to hold a long, leisurely chat over brunch.  He’s got places to go and things to do, and apparently letting me write the post I was planning was not on his list.  Oh, well, I’ve always got Friday.  He and Saturday are the fat, slow guys at the back of the race.  And Sunday is like Eric Liddell, because he refuse to run on Sundays, and since it’s always Sunday for him… well, he’s kind of out of luck.  Not a chance those three are escaping my grasp – unless I get distracted.  It tend to do that sometimes.  So, in short, today went by too quickly, but at least I managed to get milk.  In a tossup between a blog post and milk, milk wins.  Don’t believe me?  You try eating dry Corn Chex for breakfast tomorrow.  Your mouth will not thank you.

Anyway, that’s all of my ramblings for now, but before I go, here’s a question for you: what’s your favorite day of the week?  And if you had to assign it one personality trait, what would that be?

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BFS: 2011

Every year around January, the folks down at NaNoWriMo start up a forum called BFS.  It means Big, Fun, and Scary, and it’s full of posts from people who have always wanted to try something but never gotten around to it.  This year, they’ve decided it’s time to get around to it.  Whether you want to tackle one thing or a dozen, and whether it’s something big, fun, scary, or most often a combination of all three, making a BFS list is a great way to take stock of what you’d like to try this year.  In the spirit of the New Year, and to kick off one of my big, fun, scary new projects, I’m posting my BFS: 2011 list as my first official PostADay 2011 post.

1. Do PostADay 2011.  As you may have already guessed by it’s subtle title, PostADay 2011 is a challenge from WordPress to post every single day for the rest of the year on your blog.  Challenge accepted, WordPress.  I’m still working on a tentative schedule for what I’ll post when, but right now it’s looking like a vlog on Monday, song of the week on Wednesday, a more serious post (ala Jon Acuff’s Serious Wednesdays at Stuff Christians Like.  Great blog, check it out) on Friday, and some shorter and/or more lighthearted material to fill in the gaps.  This leads me to my next project…

2. Become a Vlogger.  For those of you who don’t know (or don’t care, but you’ve probably stopped reading by now anyway), a vlog is like a blog, only it’s a video.  That means that once a week this year, probably on Mondays for the most part, I’ll post a video to YouTube with a link on my blog.  These videos will be, for the most part, just me talking about things that I find interesting, funny, challenging, important, or that I otherwise want to talk about.  I’m excited to give it a try, even if all I really accomplish is boosting my creativity, because everyone knows that you can’t have too much creativity.

3. Write a Script in April (and another book in November).  If you’ve been around my blog at all, ever, you’ve probably heard all about the wonder that is NaNoWriMo.  In fact, if you weren’t zoning out when you read the first paragraph of this post you’ve at least heard the name.  NaNoWriMo is a challenge to write 50,000 words in the month of November – a challenge which I’ve conquered twice.  Yes, I plan to do that again this year, but even more new and exciting is my first official run at Script Frenzy, NaNo’s sister program, which challenges writers to create a hundred pages of script in April.  I tried to co-write with my brother, Andrew, last year, but I learned very quickly that I’m an awful co-writer.  I dropped out and let him finish the script (which he did splendidly), but this year I’m going to try it for real with a solo effort.  I don’t know a lot of the details yet, but it’s going to be a movie based off of a near-future thriller idea that my Dad gave me about a government specialist who tracks down and brings in high-priority criminals.  The working title is “Apprehension”, and I couldn’t be more pumped for April to show up so that I can get it out on paper.

4. Enter the ABNA Contest in 2012.  Okay, okay, so this is technically not taking place in 2011, but the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest is a big deal, and if I’m going to enter it in January next year I’ll need to do all of the work this year.  Basically, the ABNA Contest is an invitation for first-time novelists to send in their books to be judged by a panel of experts.  One winner in each of two categories is selected for a two book deal with Penguin and a $15,000 advance, so you can imagine that I’d really like to win.  I’ll be entering this year’s NaNo, “Kill Me”, but I need to do some major editing first.  Definitely big, definitely fun, definitely scary, and potentially life-changing.

5. Come Back to Moody in the Fall.  You may notice that this item is a little out of place.  All of the others focus on my efforts to further myself as a writer/blogger, but this entry is about being a college student.  I’ll tell you why: mostly because I like my lists to finish in nice, round numbers like three and five, but also because this is going to be a big project.  I need to find a job and work at it like a maniac to make enough money to come back to school next semester, so that’s the big and scary part, and since I love being at Moody and I imagine that the security of a job is nice, I suppose this goal fits on the BFS list just as much as the others.

So that’s what the highlights 0f 2011 look like for me.  I’m eager to see how things go as I work toward my goals, and I’m curious: what sort of big, fun, scary things do you want to take a whack at this year?  Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you tomorrow with my second official PostADay… um, post.  I need to find a less clunky way to word that.


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And They Called the Madness… April

Hey, look everyone, it’s spring!  Time has sure flown, and now that April is just around the corner I thought that I’d let you know what I’ve been up to lately (and will be up to soon).  I’ll start with the blog maintenance.  As many of you know, I’ve been planning and enacting some changes to the site.  As far as the appearance goes, I’m working on getting a new theme and a name that better represent my passion for writing and my love for God (I’d love feedback and suggestions on what you would like to see!).  Also, I’ll be posting more frequently, hopefully once a week or more.  Then there’s Script Frenzy, a challenge to write 100 pages of TV, movie or play script (or a graphic novel) in the month of April.  You remember NaNoWriMo from November, right?  Well, Script Frenzy is her sister program for the more theatrically inclined.  I’m very excited to co-write the pilot for a Sci-Fi TV program called “Aldaeus” with my brother, Andrew (more information on that will be forthcoming).  Last (and, of course, best) is my next Hard Thing: a Distaction Detox.  That’s one week without television, internet, MP3 players, video games, and all manner of electronic noise that normally envelopes my life.  One week to step away from the things that keep me busy doing nothing and spend more time with the God I love, the family I love, and the things that I love to do (and that are worth doing).  I’m not sure when I’ll be doing it yet, but I’m excited to see what kind of difference it makes in my emotions, relationships, and especially my relationship with God.  When I’m done, I think God wants me to encourage other young men and women to step back from the distractions in their lives, too, and listen to the things that are worth hearing.  All in all, April looks to be a blast, and I’m excited to share all of these experiences with you!  Please pray for me, that God will guide me in all of the writing and working and playing and especially in the distraction detox, because it’s all for his glory, and to help me know him and love him in a deeper way.  Here’s to an exciting April adventure!

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