The End

Ever since the start of Singular Spectrum two weeks ago, I’ve largely neglected The Author’s Apprentice.  Part of that is because I’m so busy, but another very important part of it is because I wanted to see how site traffic would change.  The results are interesting but not unexpected: traffic hasn’t slowed down a bit, because almost all of my hits come from Google searchers stumbling upon my MLP:FiM-related posts.  Naturally, that means that not very many people have been coming around to read new updates, so I think it’s time to transition completely over to Singular Spectrum and officially close the book on The Author’s Apprentice.  If you still follow the action here and are reading this, I’d strongly, strongly encourage you to subscribe to Singular Spectrum, my new project with my friends Adam Swensen and Adam Beckmeyer.  It’s more organized, more varied, and altogether a lot of fun, I really think you’ll like it!  Thanks for a really fun three years here on my first ever blog, you regular readers are what kept me going and brought me to where I am today, ready to move on to bigger and better things.  This is officially the last-ever post on The Author’s Apprentice, so since I’ve always wanted to say it, I will: You’ve been great, thank you, and goodnight!



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9 responses to “The End

  1. This made me sad.. And I write with you.. Haha

    • You know, you started me on this whole blogging thing years ago, and then you’re part of why I transferred to Singular Spectrum… This is quite literally all your fault. 😉 Thanks for getting me into what turned out to be an amazing experience, and it’s a privelege to be writing alongside you now, my friend.

  2. It’s difficult to say goodbye after only one life
    The rain will fall down replenishing all of our broken dreams
    And this burning tree that is withered will bloom again
    Would you believe

    Goodbye, goodbye
    Walk away it’s time to say goodbye
    Goodbye, goodbye
    Walk away it’s hard to say goodbye

    Now all that’s left are pictures on the wall
    Memories and stories that are told
    The more often told the bigger they get
    Create a legacy last we forget

    Goodbye, goodbye
    Walk away it’s time to say goodbye
    Goodbye, goodbye
    Walk away it’s hard to say goodbye

    No longer can I hold onto this defeated change in heart
    It’s time to sing “fare thee well” to life as we know it
    My voice it will be still
    Something woke me up in the midst of dream and fantasy
    Halfway there but He always fills my cup
    And He lifts me up oh how He lifts me up

    Goodbye, goodbye
    Walk away it’s time to say goodbye
    Goodbye, goodbye
    Walk away it’s hard to say goodbye

    I never took the time to stop and realize that death takes many forms
    Even while alive

    • This is exceptionally beautiful. Thank you, Tek, for being one of the most active and influential voices on this little blog. Thank you for befriending me unreservedly and sticking with me even through my more foolish moments. If there’s one thing that makes sayiing goodbye to The Author’s Apprentice easier, it’s knowing that my friendship with you is literally an everlasting one. Keep being 100% awesome, my friend, because you definitely are. Much love.

  3. I had a similar experience when I had to put my blog on hiatus over the summer because of tendinitis: for some odd reason my views didn’t go down.

    I’ll miss this blog, but I just subscribed to Singular Spectrum.

    • Thank you so much both for your constant encouragement around here and for subscribing to SS, Kathrine! I’ll miss writing this blog, but I’m really glad that so many of my readers are joining me over on Singular Spectrum. It just makes me smile to know that the end of The Author’s Apprentice doesn’t mean the end of interacting with awesome people like you.

      • “Constant encouragement”? 🙂 I’m glad it was so. Honestly, I felt like I had been neglecting commenting on your blog since I “came back” after the Summer, even though I continued reading.

        It would be silly not to follow you to SS! 😀

  4. You guys are all champions. Thanks for all your support of Tim. Its just so great! 🙂

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