New Things

            I ate a frog leg today.  I was eating dinner at a Chinese buffet with my dad, Pastor Pepe and his family, and some missionaries to Argentina, and they had a big pan of fried frog legs nestled in next to the sesame chicken and crab cheese, so I decided to try one.  Dad and Pastor Pepe assured me that frog legs taste like chicken.  They don’t.  They taste like frogs.  They’re also kind of chewy.

            It really wasn’t as weird as I was expecting, though, to be honest.  I was sure that eating a frog leg would be an uncomfortably unfamiliar culinary sensation, but it was pretty much the same as eating any other meat.  In fact, I’d have to say the most memorably bizarre part of our trip to the buffet was when a decidedly American-sounding jazz rendition of “Beauty and the Beast” suddenly interrupted the stereotypical Oriental-style muzak.

            It seems like that’s the way it often goes with trying new things.  They may have a reputation for being outlandish, exotic, or just plain weird, but when you decide to see for yourself you discover that they’re not as odd as all that.

            It’s the same with the other new thing I recently decided to try: NaPoWriMo.  Basically, a brony who regularly participates in NaNoWriMo decided to organize a similar event challenging authors to write 50,000 words in a month, but with two differences: 1) this event is in September, not November, and 2) participants are required to write stories involving ponies.  Hence the name: NAtional POny WRIting MOnth.

            When I first heard about it, I thought it sounded fun, but I was hesitant to take part.  After all, fanfic is kind of like frog legs in two ways: 1) people tend to think it’s weird, and 2) they tend to think you’re weird if you like it.  I’ve been looking for a good writing motivator, though, and before I knew it there was an unexpected-but-promising story idea bouncing around in my head, refusing to leave me alone until I just sat down and gave it a shot at life.

            It took me ten out of the thirty days of NaPoWriMo to finally give in and try it, but when I started work on my story this afternoon I discovered that fanfic is like frog legs in two other ways: 1) it’s pretty much just like writing any other story and 2) anyone who looks at you funny for doing it has likely never even given it a chance.  So even though I’m ten days behind the pace, I’m setting my sights on 3,000 words a day and plunging forward on a new adventure, with the wind at my back and a frog leg in each hand.  Well, maybe not the frog legs… they’re pretty greasy, and I don’t want to drop my nifty word count chart.  Yeah, best leave those at the buffet.


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