Meet Radar

My mom has a soft spot for cats in need of a home.  My dad has a dream of one day living in a home with no cats.  Obviously, this has made for some interesting stories, most of which end with Dad’s resistance slowly melting under the pleas of his wife and kids and the indomitable cuteness of the cat in question.  But when Mom brought home a grey kitten three weeks ago, Dad decided to draw the line.  Four cats had already managed to wriggle their way into his begrudging heart, and he refused to take a fifth.  He announced that she was going to need to find a new owner by the end of August or she’d go to the Humane Society, because she most certainly could not stay here.

Unfortunately for him, finding a new owner doesn’t necessarily mean finding a new home.

When I heard about the nameless kitten, how well she got along with the other pets and how much the family (yes, even Dad, though he wouldn’t admit it) loved her, I knew there had to be some way for us to keep her.  Then I had an idea, and I offered my proposition to Dad: I would pay ten dollars a month in rent for the kitten, cover the costs to have her spayed, and take her with me when I moved out as long as he let her stay with us for now.  He agreed, and now I’m happy to introduce you to my very first pet.  Meet Radar!

Radar is a generally tiny cat.  She has tiny eyes, tiny feet, a tiny head, and a tiny, barely-audible voice, but there are two things about her that are absolutely enourmous: her ears, and her curiousity, which earned her her name.  Her ears stand out from the top of her head like radar dishes, and she isn’t satisfied until she’s explored everything there is to explore, scouted out every little detail of wherever she finds herself.  Radar is the newcomer, and she’s a lot smaller than the other four cats, but they’ve all welcomed her in as a sort of cute-but-annoying cousin figure.  She likes to attack them when the mood strikes, they retaliate by sitting on her and grooming her against her will, and so on.  Here’s a size comparison of Radar and our biggest cat, Violet:

I was going to close with another picture, this one a shot of Radar sleeping and looking generally adorable, but our infamous Internet-of-Doom-and-Slowness wouldn’t allow it, so I’ll leave you instead with my brother Jonathan’s very accurate observation: “Tim,” he said as he dangled a cat toy in front of Radar’s wide-and-slighty-crossed eyes, “you have the best cat ever.”  Yes.  Yes, I do.


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