The Quotable Kora P.

So today, I learned that my friend and co-worker Kora says hilarious things with alarming consistency, so I took the liberty of recording a few of her quotes to post here (with her permission, of course).  Ladies and gentlemen, The Quotable Kora P.!

“What’s a Zombie apocalypse?”
(Me): “It’s when zombies take over the world.”
“I hate it when that happens.”

“I think I just choked on my life.”

“I’m more 90’s than a longboard!”

“You just got graped!”

“If I point my pinkie out like this, does it cancel out my elbows?

“I could make a comment about that, but I’m afraid you’ll quote me.”

Oddly enough, she didn’t say anything else particularly quotable after that.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why.


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