So I’ve Been Sinking…

It’s Saturday night and I’m pretty much sleep deprived, so I find everything way funnier than I should.  Even so, I’m pretty sure that if I was fully lucid I would still laugh at these three videos.

First, the inimitable Gregory Brothers (of “Autotune the News” fame) have songified the viral video about Debbie the eHarmony girl and her immense love for cats.  The resulting song is pretty great, but the real treat is the video with its eclectic assortment of dancing cats.  Enjoy.

Second, watch this commercial from Berlitz about a German Coast Guard trainee.  There’s not much more I can say about this one, but it’s hilarious.

And lastly, to carry on the fine tradition of Pony Saturdays, have the funniest pony-related video I’ve seen in a long time, possibly in all of history.  I never would’ve thought to slow down an iMac ad and sync it with clips of dizzy Applejack, but it works on every possible level and then some.  Here, see for yourself:

So there you have it, your daily dose of funny.  Make sure you get some every day, kids!  I think I’m going to go watch that Applejack video again now.  Heh, “You can even put anchovies on it if you want to”… classic.


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