Pony Saturday: A Gift and a Challenge

After an intense second week of camp, I had settled down for a relaxing day of rest when Tek popped up on MSN.  He said that he was cleaning something up that was directly relevant to my personal interests.  I was curious as to what exactly he meant, so I waited for a while until he said it was ready.  Then he linked me to this:

Frosty drew this for me because she is FULLY AWESOME (yes, that required caps)

Frosty, a friend to whom Tek recently introduced me, drew an amazing rendition of the pony version of myself that I created a few weeks back.  This is just absolutely, positively stupendous, and I’m completely honored and grateful that she took the time to draw this for someone she just met.  She has a lot of other examples of her ridiculously talented artwork on her deviantArt page, you should go take a look!

In other Pony Saturday news, Equestria Daily had a speedfic writing challenge, and I decided to give it a shot.  The challenge was to write a story in no more than two hours, and I nearly missed the deadline, but I made it successfully.  You can find that story here if you’re interested.  It’s about Rainbow Dash and chili.  So, yeah.  It’s way past my bedtime.  Goodnight!



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2 responses to “Pony Saturday: A Gift and a Challenge

  1. Frosty. <33 She is an angel. ^_^ Love her so much.

    Tim pony is lookin' real snazzy there too, eh? He's an easygoing Earth Pony indeed. Also, *snnnkt* at "way past your bedtime"…*knows for certain that Tim’s bedtime was not “set in stone” – as they say*

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