Fathers Day from a Thousand Miles Away

Dear Dad,

I’m so happy to be away from you this Fathers Day.  I’m glad that I wasn’t able to call you, that I couldn’t hear your voice or tell you that I love you.  I’m pleased to say that I didn’t give you a hug or even send you a card.  I’m proud because I know that my Dad is in Mexico right now, serving God and encouraging the church, living out everything that he taught me so carefully about love and responsibility and trust and faith and what it means to be a Christian.  I miss you, but if following God’s voice means that I don’t get to hear yours today, so be it.  I’m praying for you, Dad, and I love you.  Thank you for being a thousand miles away this Fathers Day.  It’s just another example of the kind of father you are – the kind who loves not only in word but in action.  The kind of father I’m proud to call my own.

Your son,




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4 responses to “Fathers Day from a Thousand Miles Away

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  2. I’ve been wondering for some time now how my life would be different today had I been raised by a father who had loved in either word or action instead of neither. I’m not really lamenting the past, anymore, so much as I am curious as to how such a difference would have altered my goals and direction for the future. While it is true that I currently hold great potential and promise, I wonder if I would have already -achieved- more of the dreams that, for now, remain only as distant sights.

    Hm. Either way, I’m grateful to all those men who have invested into my life despite not being my father. Truly, I have been blessed by a generous lot. As a response, I strive to *not* underachieve. I must seek to honor their investments, for they have already done more for me than I can suitably express.

  3. Dad

    Dear Tim,

    I cannot thank the Lord enough for the great gift He has given me in my children. I am so grateful that all of you are following Him. I could not ask for or ever hope to receive a greater present than to know that you are trusting and serving the only perfect Father. I love you, son.


  4. Very nice artistic effect there at the begging and truly unexpected twist (which is truly rare) at least in my opinion.
    Strange way to display love, by not being there for each other. I’m not judging just saying I’ve never heard of such a way to display affection. I understand though how it’s supposed to work and it is admirable to live ones ideals and lead by an example, be what you’ve taught.
    I salute you both for such a… selfless (it seems) display of what I’ve been told is a basis of His nature – love. Tully inspiring.

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