An Explanation

So yesterday, I posted a post that consisted of a very loud audio recording of people screaming and yelling and the words “I’ll explain this tomorrow”.  It’s tomorrow, so here’s the story behind that odd sound bite…

Yesterday, I went with the Lake Ann Camp support staff to Empire Beach.  It was a very nice beach except for all of the tiny dead fish along the shoreline, but the best part wasn’t the sand or the water or the dead fish or any of the other normal, beach-type things.  It was the enormous and fantastic playground.  This playground had a climbing wall, swings, and, best of all, one of those metal merry-go-rounds that are responsible for 85% of playground injuries and 97% of playground enjoyment.  We spent several dizzying minutes whipping each other around in circles just because we could, and then I realized that I hadn’t written a post that day.  Suddenly, I remembered the phone-to-blog feature on WordPress and decided that it would be a great idea to get on the merry-go-round with a bunch of the other guys and record our ride to upload as the post for the day.

I had to walk back to the bus to get my confirmation code, and when I came back there was a little girl on the merry-go-round.  She introduced herself as Kaylee (I probably spelled that wrong.  There are several hundred thousand ways to spell that name, and parents never choose the one you expect.  Ever.), and she announced that she wanted to ride with us.  We tried to tell her that we would be going really, really fast, but that only made her more excited to do it.  The kid was an adrenaline junkie.  Her uncle was alright with it, so we all climbed on, grabbed onto the railings, and let the madness begin.  If you listen to the audio post, you can hear me argue with the pushers for a moment about which direction we should go, and then it all descends into chaos.  We were screaming and yelling and holding on for dear life, but over the din you can hear a little voice say, “I’m not even holding on!”  That’s right.  Kaylee was standing there, her hands in the air, leaning nonchalantly against the railing and grinning like a mad person.  All of us full-grown men were crying for mercy while this little girl stood there completely calmly, shaking her head at our display.  Halfway through the ride, she got bored and started walking around the edge of the merry-go-round.  I’m telling you, she was like some kind of miniature ninja.  By the time it was all over, most of us had been thrown to the ground by the unmerciful g-forces, but not Kaylee.  She hopped down cheerfully from the merry-go-round and ran off to go play with her brother, Franklin (who was just as crazy as his sister; I’ll write about that another day).  She didn’t even look dizzy.

And that’s how a recording of me screaming like a little girl while an actual little girl makes fun of me in the background was uploaded to the Internet.



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2 responses to “An Explanation

  1. cyfrostan

    I like this girl already. Everything in the name of good fun and even greater irony.

    • Ah, yes. 😀
      She and her brother, Franklin, were a riot. I’ve got to remember to write a post about him soon… I’m pretty sure he’s secretly a member of the Et family.

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