Mind Dump 2 – Electric Newtaloo

– A few things have changed since the first mind dump a couple of days ago, mainly that I am now at Lake Ann and can thus supply links to all the things I’ve uploaded using their wonderfully speedy Internet.  So, without further ado, links!

– Link number one: pictures of myself, Jonathan, and Christiana as MLP:FiM ponies!

From left to right, my sister, my brother, and me as MLP:FiM ponies.

– Link number two: my deviantArt page, where you can find each of those drawings separately as well as several other things I’ve drawn.

– Link number three:

– Link number four: “Twilight’s Reading a Book”, a PMV (pony music video) I edited featuring Julian Smith’s “I’m Reading a Book”.

– I am now officially out of links.  For my next trick, I will… go back to work.  My break is almost over.  Goodbye, friends!

– P.S. Send me some salt and vinegar chips.  They don’t have any here and I’m going through withdrawal…

– P.P.S.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever done two posts in one day.  It feels strange, but a good kind of strange, like seeing Link riding Applejack into battle.  Pic related.

– Time to bake some fish!


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