Let the Summer Begin

The strange thing about having more than one place that you call home is the incredible mixture of feelings that comes when you move from one to the other. The simultaneous sensation of loss and restoration, tearing away from the familiar and returning to where you belong, is indescribable and bewildering, but it’s a good kind of bewilderment. Today is my first day back at my second home on the gorgeous campus of Lake Ann Camp, and while I miss my family, it’s been absolutely marvelous to see so many old friends and to return to my beloved duties as a second cook.  I’ve only been here for a day and I can tell that this is going to be a fantastic summer, and I can’t wait to discover what kind of adventures lie ahead.  So here’s to the summer, and to spending the next five months growing as a writer, a Christian, and a human being as I work alongside my best friends to love people and serve them tasty food in the most beautiful place on earth.


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