Code Orange-6

One of the things that I really missed while I was gone at school was playing GURPS with my dad, my brothers Andrew and Jonathan, and my friends Gideon and Claude.  For those of you who don’t know, GURPS stands for Generic Universal RolePlaying System, and the basic components are a room full of guys, 6-sided dice, pizza, creativity, and a whole lot of talking out of character.  It’s a lot of fun, it’s  a lot of laughs, and it’s been far too long since I’ve had the chance to play, so this afternoon the Newton males headed over to the Whitehead’s house and set off on a huge sci-fi GURPS adventure.  We’ve been at it for several hours, and so far the story is truly epic, but the best part is all of the ridiculously goofy, out-of-character comments we’re constantly shooting back and forth.  Below, you’ll find the best quotes of the night, a sort of inside look at a GURPS session with the Newtons and Company.

“Someone put a lot of points into their ‘transmute door into jar’ spell.” – Andrew

“She’s not even real and I hate her.” – Gideon

“Somebody drank their awkward juice this morning.” – Me

“Are you going for incapacitated or a bloody mess?” – Andrew

“Did you just say ‘a return trip home’?  Come over here so I can slap you.” – Gideon, to me

“This is the second person who’s gone unconscious so far!  I like this game!” – Andrew

“I bet Code Orange-6 just means he has to go to the bathroom.” – Jonathan

“Maybe she was having a snack when they abducted her, did you ever think of that?” – Andrew

“Now my lungs are gonna get numb, and then my heart, and then I’m gonna die.  Yay for dying!” – Gideon

“It’s a ninja.  I told you.” – Andrew

Gideon: “We’re showing off alien dice over a webcam.”
Jon: “Yeah, we’re cool.”

“By the way, my character isn’t actually giggling…” – Gideon

“Great, now I’m going to get convicted of breaking into my own hotel room.” – Andrew

“Is there a hospital on the moon?” – Gideon

Dad: “You wake up in the morning -”
Me: “Feeling like P. Diddy?”
Dad: “No.”

Me: “There are no bomb squads on the moon!”
Jon: “Maybe there are; there are police.”
Gideon: “And apparently firemen.”

“I’m going to shoot the engine, I’m all about fire.” – Gideon

“I said EGGS BENEDICT!” – Dad

Me: “So the only purpose of this computer is to jam our signal?”
Andrew: “And possibly to explode.”

“Crap!” – Gideon (This happens a lot…)

Dad: “You open the box -”
Gideon: “And it sprays acid on you.”
Dad: “No it doesn’t…”
Gideon: “It eats right through your spacesuit.”
Dad: “No it doesn’t…”
Gideon: “You lose pressure and die.”
Dad: “Oh, be quiet.”



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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun!

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