Webcomics Are Science!

It has recently come to my attention that a certain webcomic by the name of Precocious by a certain artist by the name of Chris Paulsen is absolutely hilarious.  Seeing as it would be a crime against both laughter and science not to pass this information on to you, I’m writing this post for no other reason than to let you know that you should definitely go read it right now.  I highly recommend starting with this spiffy welcome page for new readers to get you acclimated to the world of Precocious, then from there following the links to the About, Cast, and FAQ pages before you get started on your journey of quick-witted webcomic bliss with the first strip.  Be warned: Chris tends to write in large, involving, and uproariously funny story arcs as opposed to one-shot comics, so plan on having a little time to spare before you start reading.  That’s pretty much all I have to say except have fun and remember rule #4.  Oh, and a big thanks to the inequitable Tekaramity for getting me addicted to this confounded webcomic without even trying.  Seriously, he may not even know that I’m aware of its existence yet, and it’s his fault that I found it in the first place.  And now I’m on number 358.  Hmm, that leaves me with… 411 more to read.  Challenge accepted.



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2 responses to “Webcomics Are Science!

  1. YES. YES! I welcome your joining of the Precocites, sir! =D Folks who are both bronies *and* Precocites are 2000% cooler, for the record.

    You may or may not notice the FiM references in the most recent strips, once you arrive at them. You also may or may not notice the voting incentives featuring his cast of kids ponified. If you like, I can send you the JPEGs of the previous incentives (Chrispy wouldn’t mind) so that you may view them at your leisure and/or pleasure.

    And welcome to Gemstone Estates~! ^_^

    • I do feel a lot cooler now, come to think of it. 😀

      And for the record, I’ve officially read every strip now. Time to start on Copper Road!
      I did catch a few FiM references and heartily applauded them, as well as the Kaitlyn-and-Vincent-as-ponies voting incentive, which I applauded even more heartily. If you’re sure Chrispy doesn’t mind, I’d love to see the others in that series. So awesome.

      Precocious: where the running gags abound, the alt-text is just as funny as the strip itself, and “BLISS!” is a sound effect. Best. Comic. Ever. ^_^

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