The Final Stretch

You know it’s the last week of classes when:

– You stay up all Sunday night doing homework.

– You write four papers in under 24 hours and you still have five more to write by the middle of finals week.

– The phrase “free time” makes you laugh.  Not the “oh, that’s funny” kind of laugh, but the unsettling sort of laugh that is usually accompanied by facial tics and a desire to inflict harm upon the offending speaker.

– You actually go to sleep before midnight, sometimes even as early as 9:45 P.M., despite the fact that it’s practically still light out then.

– You immediately turn down offers to do anything even remotely resembling a social activity without so much as a second thought.  Play racquetball?  Sorry, homework.  Hold a conversation for more than a minute and a half?  Sorry, homework.  Actually leave my room and interact with people?  Sorry, homework.

– You’ve moved past counting down the days and are now counting down the hours to when you’ll finally be finished with school (that’s approximately 266 1/2 for those of you following along at home).

– You unapologetically resort to posting quick, cheap, list-form blog posts, sacrificing content for the sake of that ever-elusive holy grail known as sleep.

I hear it calling me now, in fact.  Goodnight, my friends.  I’ll see you at the finish line.


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One response to “The Final Stretch

  1. Dad

    Four papers in under 24 hours? Sounds like procrastination to me… 😉

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