Ponies for Japan

About a week ago, Lauren Faust, the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, started an auction.  On her deviantArt page, she announced that she would sell three of her original development sketches from the show, one each of Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle, as well as a brand-new sketch of fan favorite Derpy Hooves.  The best part of this auction, however, was the cause.  Faust specified that all proceeds from the sketches would go straight to the Give2Asia relief fund to help disaster victims in Japan.

One week later, the auctions are all closed, and the final result is more than anyone ever expected.  The four bronies who won the sketches paid a grand total of over $15,000.  The most paid for a single sketch was a staggering $6,20o for Twilight Sparkle.  Faust gave the MLP:FiM fan community an opportunity to show their generosity and compassion, and their response was both overwhelming and inspiring.  These people came together and offered freely out of their own excess to help a country ravaged by disaster, and seeing just how much help they were ready and willing to give is incredible.  As Faust herself put it, these bronies embody the Element of Generosity.

Stories like this always warm my heart, but they also challenge me.  I may not have $6,200 to give, but I have far more than many of those struck by the earthquake in Japan.  Have I done my part to help them?  Have I even given a moment’s thought to the plight of those who need what I have?  $15,000 is an impressive amount, and it’s going to do a whole lot of good for Japan, but what about the $5 in Chip the Piggy Bank?  As much as it’s hard to admit, it would do far more good in the hands of Give2Asia buying medicine and supplies than in the hands of the barista at Joe’s paying for a coffee.  Just because we can’t give as much as some doesn’t mean that we can’t give at all because generosity isn’t about the amount that you give, it’s about the amount that you keep for yourself.  We may not all be able to make an overwhelming difference, but we can still make a difference, and that’s what matters.  The question is, how big of a difference could I be making?  And am I making it?


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