A Good Day

Have you ever had one of those days when you didn’t have much free time, but you hardly noticed because of all the wonderful things you were doing?  That was my day today.  I got to go to breakfast (something I’m rarely awake enough in the morning to do), and I ran into a friend of mine and had the opportunity to eat with him.  Then I headed off to my three Monday classes, all of which were better than usual today.  Especially notable was Research Writing, in which we’re beginning a two-week examination and discussion of C. S. Lewis’ “Until We Have Faces”, which is an amazing book and an amazing discussion so far.  My 11:00 class was cancelled today just because Dr. Litfin was feeling nice, so I got to go to lunch at a regular time instead of at 2:00 as I do on most Mondays, and I had the chance to finally mail letters to my younger brother and sister.  After my 12:00 class, I headed off to a PCM makeup at Salem Christian School where I got to hang out with my favorite K-4th graders for an hour and a half.  When I got back to campus, it was straight to dinner and then Men’s Choir Rehearsal, and finally, at 7:30, I was finished with my obligations for the day.  It was a long day, and I had a lot to do, but when I sat down at my desk after it was all over I felt more refreshed and energized than when I’d started.  After a long weekend with nothing to do, it felt amazing to be on my feet and running again.  As we begin the headlong rush into the last two weeks of classes, I look back with gratitude and contentment on this past year at school.  Today represents everything that I’ve grown to love about being here, and I thank God for all of the days like it that I’ve had the privilege to experience, and all of the great days that are coming down the road as I move on.


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