An Unexpected Party

Earlier this afternoon, my roommate was sitting on the couch behind me staring at his computer.  I can’t imagine that you find this particularly interesting; trust me, I didn’t either.  Then, suddenly, he let loose with a sharp gasp of excitement, regained his composure, and said, “Tim, get over here right now.  You need to see this.”

He had been watching “Minute to Win It”, so my expectations were understandably sub-par when I turned around to look at his screen.  I was expecting to see a young couple standing on one foot and trying to fill a bucket with window cleaner from thirty feet away while only using the “mist” setting on their spray bottles or something.  It turns out he was watching a ten minute featurette from Peter Jackson himself about how he and his crew are in New Zealand right now filming the Hobbit.  Yes, you read that right.  They are finally filming The Hobbit.  In New Zealand.  With Peter Jackson.  At this moment.  Just when I was losing hope that Tolkien’s stellar prequel would ever come to the screen, the Internet brings me this.  Thank you, Internet!

I tip my hat to Jackson and his crew for soldiering through the most formidable and foreboding of obstacles and dedicating themselves to once again bringing Middle Earth to life for us to enjoy, and I urge you to go watch the video now.  Yes, it’s ten minutes long, but it’s ten minutes of Bag End, Gandalf, the new, younger Bilbo, Rivendell, dwarves, Andy Serkis, Peter Jackson, and even a look at the Goblin caves where Bilbo finds the Ring and the greatest fantasy epic of all time is born.

After Dan and I finished soaking in all of the nerdy bliss that is this featurette, we turned and looked at each other for a moment, broke out into the silliest of grins, and started screaming in celebration.  I don’t think he’s stopped screaming since.  I know I haven’t.  Leave your incoherent shouts of nerdy joy in the comments below, and I’ll flip you on the catch side.  DFTBA.



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2 responses to “An Unexpected Party

  1. THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING! And now I want to watch LOTR!!

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