You Had To Know It Was Coming

Fillies and gentlecolts, I present to you the Inception trailer – pony style.

I figured it was only a matter of time, and I was hoping that it would be A) not a long time and B) very well done.  I was not disappointed.  I could have just added this video to the Confound These Remixes post from a week or two ago, but I didn’t because A) most of you would probably never have gotten to see the magnificence if I’d done that and B) it’s 11:50 PM here and I still hadn’t done anything for PostADay.  Two final notes: A) I think I’m getting addicted to this A/B format and B) here’s another Christopher Nolan trailer mashup that you deserve to see if you haven’t already:

Also, in other inevitable news, I finally caved in and gave those confounded ponies their own category.  Just click “Those Confounded Ponies” in the sidebar over there to see my previous weekly Pony Posts… if you’re free, of course.  There are actually a lot more of them than I was expecting, which is weird considering I wrote them all.  Have I really been watching this show for two months?  Well, you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun and/or when your days pass in a blurred jumble as you try to keep up with your schoolwork.  That’s one of my favorite adages.

Leave your favorite goofy saying in the comments below, and have a great Saturday night.



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2 responses to “You Had To Know It Was Coming

  1. I had totally missed the FiM Inception trailer. That is an amazing video. Thank you very much for linking to it. All is clear to me now. I understand… Everything.

    And I, for one – perhaps the only one, yes, but still! – am pleased to witness the introduction of that pony category. May it overflow with pony goodness – FOREVER! (And, taff it all, you probably *expected* me to catch that Fluttershy reference from Sonic Rainboom! How manipulative!)

    Favorite Goofy saying: “Hyuck hyuck.” (You set up yourself for that one, sugarcube.)

    Finally, today is April 10th, 2011. It’s the six-month anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Have I really been watching this show for six months? =3 Hehe, nya, I gotta boast somehow~ I leave it to you, sir, to be a responsible Boast Buster.

    • “A friendship within a friendship. Two levels.”
      “Impossible. That many friendships within friendships is too unstable.”
      “It is possible. You just have to add magic.”

      I’m not sure what “taff it all” means, but I definitely did drop that Fluttershy reference in an attempt to make fellow bronies read it in her voice. Shameless, I know.

      Oh, garsh, I did set myself up for that.

      *Headdesk* How did I not know that I was posting a Pony Post on FiM’s six-month anniversary? That would have been a great theme. Drat. And now I’ve got the “Ghostbusters” theme stuck in my head. Confound these awesomely punny episode titles, they drive me to shout “Who you gonna call” at inopportune moments!

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