Out of Control

What is it about chaos and stress that drive us closer to God?  Why do I so often find prayer and Bible study a chore when all is well, but then I crave quiet time with God passionately when my life is stretching out of my reach and out of control?  When I’m faced with the reality that I can’t handle all of the challenges that face me, there’s no other response than to give up or to find shelter in the One who can handle anything.  Suddenly, I’m reminded undeniably just how indispensable my relationship with God is.  When I’m forced to admit that I have no time to waste, my mind focuses in on priorities and shuts out the desire for the unnecessary.  Gone is my appetite for the idols of entertainment to which I used to sacrifice my “spare time” under the pretense that I had nothing better to do.  The thought of spending an hour and a half watching a movie seems ridiculous now when I thought it perfectly normal just days ago, and yet now more than ever I feel the need to pray, to read the Bible, to be with God.  I only cling to God like my life depends on it when I can no longer ignore the fact that my life depends on it, but how different would my life look if I lived under the knowledge that my life really does depend on God whether it’s painfully obvious or not?  I may not live to type the rest of this sentence, and you may not live to read it.  I’ve got plans for tomorrow and next week and next month but they could change in an instant and leave me reeling.  No matter how in control I feel, my life is never under my control and I am never strong enough to handle it on my own.  My life is entirely in God’s hands in every possible way, I’m just too arrogant to admit it most of the time.  What would change if I let go of my pride and my desire to feel strong and successful and filtered all of my words and deeds through the truth that God is the only One who is truly in control and that knowing and loving Him is the only thing that really matters?  I think I’d begin to value each moment more and more accurately and to honor God, whose worth is beyond measure, more and more fully, and I know for a fact that it would be the start of a new, more beautiful, more meaningful kind of life.



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3 responses to “Out of Control

  1. Dad

    “Teach me to number my days aright, and so to gain a heart of wisdom.” How often I also behave as if this life I now live were still mine to waste as I wish, when it is really Christ’s and it has only been given to me to steward for Him! David says in Psalm 119 that it was good for God to aflict him, because before God allowed the trials in his life he went astray, but the trials drove him to seek God and walk with Him in humility. I believe that this is still a painful but necessary lesson for all of God’s children. Let’s both ask the Holy Spirit to keep us humbly abiding in Christ, because I know I cannot even do that without His willing it and working it out in me.

    • Yes, I’ve had that verse running through my head ever since I wrote this post. This one, too: “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” Trials are one of the most necessary parts of the Christian life, and we can learn from our successes as well as our failures.

  2. Dad

    Tonight at my Institute class we will be discussing I & II Thessalonians. Read ’em if you can snatch a few minutes. While they are famous for their “end times” sections, I think that they are more important for the clear overview they give of Paul’s basic teachings when he established a church. What is high on the list and frequently mentioned? That it is a guarantee that believers will be persecuted and suffer! What does he commend them for and command them to do? To suffer joyfully and well, with hope, praising God in and through our sufferings!

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