Reality Check

So apparently school and homework still exist.  After two weeks on the road with the choir, it feels strange to be plunged back into the rhythms of school life.  It’s definitely going to take a little getting used to, and that might mean shorter and less interesting blog posts for a little while so that I can catch up on sleep and homework, but once I get back into the swing of things I should be back to writing more well thought-out and carefully written posts in no time.  Thanks to everyone who’s joined me on this PostADay 2011 adventure, it’s been an absolute treat to interact with some of you through comments, and to see how many of you stop by here on a regular basis has been both humbling and exciting.  It’s been a great two and a half months so far, and I’m looking forward to the next ten.  Now I’m off to read some serious church history stuff.  Stay classy, my friends.



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2 responses to “Reality Check

  1. It really is a boon that I found this blog. Looking forward to the posts that will grace this place in the coming months. (Especially Saturday posts, of course!)

    • Thanks so much for all of your encouragement, Tek. It’s truly been a privilege to meet you, and I look forward to more edifying discussions in the future. Thanks for being a great Proverbs 27:17 influence in my life, brother.

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