Confound These Remixes!

One of my favorite things about “Friendship is Magic” is how many fun creations have arisen from some talented and creative fans.  While these are generally funnier if you’ve seen the show I think you’ll get a kick out of some of them even if you’ve only got a passing knowledge of the characters.  So here, for this Saturday’s pony post, I’ve collected some of my favorite “Friendship is Magic” fan creations.

Eurobeat Remixes

“Friendship is Magic” features songs every once in a while.  While a few of them have been full-blown, musical-style numbers, most are just Pinkie Pie breaking into twenty-second snippets of song for no apparent reason other than that she’s Pinkie Pie.  A guy who goes by the name of Eurobeat Brony, however, has taken nearly all of the songs on the show and turned them into amazingly good, full-length (3-4 minutes) Eurobeat tunes.  This is one of those things that you definitely don’t need to like the show to enjoy, you just need to like a good Eurobeat and you’ll have a blast (thanks to Tek for pointing out that Eurobeat and techno are not the same thing).   I’ll embed my personal favorite and provide links to the rest:

“Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme (BlankFlank Mix)”

“Winter Wrap-Up (EuroSpring Mix)”:
“Art of the Dress (EuroFashion Mix)”:
“Evil Enchantress (EuroSpell Mix)”:
“Cupcakes (Extended)”:
“Fluttershy’s Lullaby (Stay Up Late Mix)”:
“Giggle at the Ghostly (ParaParasprite Mix)”:
“You Gotta Share (Spaghetti Western Remix)”:
“So Many Wonders  (EuroSky Mix)”:

8-Bit Remixes:

The musical fun doesn’t stop yet.  For retro-lovers, there are also 8-bit versions for a few of these songs.  These are only as long as the source material from the show, and they’re more fun if you’ve heard the original song, but they’re still pretty darned good.  Again, the embedded one is my personal favorite and the rest are just links.

“Art of the Dress”

“Winter Wrap-Up”:
“Giggle at the Ghostly”:
“Evil Enchantress”:
“Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme”:
“Hush Now, Quiet Now”:

Trailer Mashups:

The idea is simple: take the sound from a well-known and totally non-pony-related trailer and sync it up with video clips from episodes of “Friendship is Magic”.  These people took that simple idea and made it fantastic with their wizard-like editing skills and fun sense of humor.  Watch Fluttershy scream “This.  Is.  SPARTA!”, or see Twilight play the part of Colonel Jim Raynor… and Gandalf (in two different trailers, of course).  It’s all here, and it’s all too spectacular not to like.  Go on, try.  See, I told you.  I’m going to embed all of these because they’re just that good.  We’ll start with the undisputed champion… EDIT: Ponycraft 2 used to occupy this spot, but seriously – Pinkie Pie as The Joker, Appleboom as Alfred, and Rainbow Dash as Batman?  You can’t top that.

The Dark Knight = The Rainbow Knight

Starcraft 2 = Ponycraft 2

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim = The Elder Scrolls VI: Equestria

Mass Effect 2 = Pony Effect 2

300 = 300 Ponies

The Lord of the Rings = The Lord of the Ponies (EDIT: New and improved edition featuring Spike as Frodo.)

Also, anyone who’s ever played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion deserves to see this:

Funny Pictures:

Lastly, there are some great image mashups of “Friendship is Magic” characters and things from real life (like movie and video game posters, car logos, and even a certain game show).  Most of them are clever, many of them are pun-tastic, and all of them are good for a laugh (or at least a chuckle).

Whoever came up with this is a pun master. This gets me every time.

Everybodys favorite background character (after Derpy, of course). With an hourglass for a cutie mark, who else could he be but that time-traveling Brit?

Move over, Will Smith. Theres a new post-apocalyptic hero in town. Lets hope the zombies are vulnerable to cake and/or being poked with party hats. Also, when you see the release date...

Nuff said...

This one is devoid of puns, but I had to include it because Portal is my favorite game ever, and the sequel is coming out in less than a month. I wonder if Pinkie Pie realizes that the cake is a lie...

Just in case that other Portal picture wasnt good enough, theres this one, too. Now youre thinking with ponies...

Assassins Creed x Ponies. Ah, the irony. I tip my hat to the artist on this one - nicely done (their deviantArt profile is in the bottom right corner of the picture).

As if the poster wasnt great enough, someone else made a "screenshot". Why Rainbow Dash became an assassin well never know...

More post-apocalyptic action! But how does Applejack pull the trigger on that pistol?

Youd have to see the show to understand a few of the jokes here, but Applebloom looking like a hardened war-hero is still funny.

Also, this. Apparently Scootaloo is a special agent.

Team Fortress 2 just got 20 percent cooler.

Then theres this classic Legend of Zelda reference... I can almost hear the plinking money-receiving music.

Last video game related picture. Expecting someone else, Mario?

Applejack, how did you get inside the Texas state flag?

Rainbow Dash is apparently very patriotic.

Ill take "Friendship" for $100, Alex.

I hope you enjoyed the music and got a chuckle or two out of the pictures and videos, and I leave you with this because it makes me laugh:

Have a good night, everyone!



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9 responses to “Confound These Remixes!

  1. Ach! Flootershy! Zis is not techno! No, zis is…Eurobeat. It ez…ZE MAGICKS.

    (Rainbow) Dash over to Eurobeat Brony’s official music site and edja-ma-kate yerself in the art of Eurobeat, son. Then find some Initial D tracks on Youtube. Then report back, humbled and in awe. Eurobeat is not your average Tek-no-babble. It ez…ZE MAGICKS.

    – Tek, who treads the effervescent line between Eurobeat Brony mega-fan and semi-stalker

    • Duly noted and edited. It would seem that calling Eurobeat “techno” is the quickest way to look like a foal… FOREVER! Consider me edjamakated, although searching Initial D on YouTube turned up an anime show. Is that what I was supposed to find?

      – Tim, who was disappointed to find Mast3rLinkx’s channel shut down when he went to watch the new episode today.

      • The shutdown of Mast3rLinkX’s channel is a dark deed indeed. Poni will live on, but that man had supplied additional truly great things to the world. Now, everything of value is lost. Le sigh.

        Initial D is indeed an anime, but it is most known for its permeating Eurobeat soundtrack. Among the more popular hits are Golden Age, Speedy Speed Boy, Space Boy…really, that show is the most prominent utilizer of Eurobeat, and it is to credit for much of the genre’s proliferation beyond Japan.

        *sounds like an expert but is really just relaying bits and pieces of info he picked up from Eurobeat Brony*

        By the by, I haven’t seen Episode 21 yet. Confound this schoolwork; it drives me to prioritize. >=/

        – Tek, whose brother is going to vigorously applaud those Assassin’s Creed / MLP:FiM mashup images

      • Got it. I shall avail myself of these Eurobeats posthaste. Speaking of schoolwork, I should probably be getting ready for Monday… it’s always so hard to get back into the swing of things after Spring Break.

        – Tim, who can’t wait to show his brothers those Assassin’s Creed mashups next time he’s at home

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  5. Aliee

    Ohmyword ohmyword I love Ponies and Portal together 😀

    This article was cool, except, in my opinion, there was one thing that was left out…


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