Winter Wrap-Up

Saturday is Pony day here on The Author’s Apprentice, so what better day for the last day of winter to fall on than a Saturday?  Tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring, and to Pony fans that means today is Winter Wrap-Up.  Thankfully, the seasons in the real world change on their own, but the idea that the ponies have to literally clear out winter to make way for spring is delightfully creative.  Put that idea to the most cheerful music known to man and MLP:FiM’s signature animation and you have this video, which represents Friendship is Magic at its best: it’s cute, it’s creative, it’s well-executed, and it’s impossible not to smile while watching it.  Enjoy, and have a fantastic Winter Wrap-Up.  Tomorrow, spring is here!


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One response to “Winter Wrap-Up

  1. *peeks outside*

    *it’s 60 Fº out – all the snow has melted, all the ice-slicked roads are clear*

    Aw. I was hoping, if our winter really needed wrapping up, ponies would show up and wrap it up for me. Would’ve worked back in January when half of West Virginia was buried under 20 inches of snow. C’est la vie~

    Still leaving the Winter Wrap Up song on repeat all day long. ^_^

    ‘Cause tomorrow spring is here!

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