The Moody Men’s Collegiate Choir performed our seventh concert tonight, and tomorrow is the end of our first week on tour, which means that tonight we are about halfway finished with the 2011 Spring Tour.  So far, it’s been the best experience I’ve had at Moody to date.  All 37-ish of the Men’s Choir men are a riot, and riding on the bus with them is always a great experience.  We’ve explored the Southwest U.S., seen some amazing sights, performed in half a dozen churches, met plenty of wonderful people, and probably spent almost 24 total hours sitting in the tour bus shooting each other with darts and making lame puns.  All of this has, of course, created countless stories, memories, and inside jokes, including (but certainly not limited to) the victory dance and the step of doom, and I couldn’t be enjoying it more.  Tomorrow is our day off, and we’re headed to White Sands National Monument for a while before we make our way to El Paso where we’ll be performing three times at two different churches on Sunday (and did I mention the concert in Las Cruces in between?).  I’m looking forward to both the day of rest and the following day of insane busyness, because every day with the Men’s Choir is a day well worth the effort.  I can’t wait to spend another week on the road with them, and to post my favorite stories here for you, but for now, I need to get to sleep (and no, Mom, I didn’t stay up until 1 AM.  It’s only 10:45  here in New Mexico).  So until tomorrow, have a great night’s sleep and God bless!



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2 responses to “Halfway

  1. mom

    hahahaha! Men’s Choir tour is good for your schedule! 🙂 I actually didn’t stay up until 1am either for a change; we had a busy but good day too. Jonathan’s birthday has stretched into a three day celebration~Thursday he and I went to perkins for breakfast, got our hair cut and got his new bike at Meijer. Yesterday he went to cornerstone with Bethany for their golden eagle day and then he and I saw “Tangled” and thought of you and Andrew the whole time…you will LOVE it! Super cute movie. We picked Andrew up after work and drove back to the mall to eat at Olga’s, had dessert at Coldstone and finally got home about 11! Today Dad is taking Jon and Andrew to Jamaican Dave’s and maybe another cheap movie. And we haven’t even eaten his birthday pie yet…maybe tonight! I’m glad you are having such an amazing time on tour! We miss you and love you tons!

    • I miss you, too! Sounds like Jonathan had an awesome birthday. 😀 I can’t wait to come home for Dad’s birthday and see all of you guys, and I can’t wait to see “Tangled” with you. What kind of pie did Jonathan have for his birthday, by the way? Birthday pie seems like an odd choice…

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