Work in Progress Episode 1 – Fountain Divers

9:00 P.M.  I’m sitting in my room editing a dry and boring vlog, but since it’s already so late I just decide to save, upload, and call it a day.  Enter Dan Schubert, stage right.  “Hey, I’m going on an adventure if you want to come.”

Who in their right mind could say no to that?

11:30 P.M.  We return from our adventure tired and happy, then I realize that the story of our excursion would make a vlog that is at least 20% cooler than the one I just filmed.  So, of course, I completely overhaul the project to bring you the first episode of Dan’s and my new series, “Work in Progress”.  It’s basically just going to be us telling wild stories and laughing a lot, so expect a lot of silliness and hilarity.  We’re calling this episode “Fountain Divers” (you’ll see why), and I have no idea what we’ll talk about next week.  That’s why they call it Work in Progress, right?

In other news, I hope you had a splendid Derpy Day full of muffins and letters and such.  What’s Derpy Day, you may ask?  Here’s how I explained it on my deviantArt page:

Today is March 1st, and for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that means it’s Derpy Day! Derpy Hooves is a legend among pegasi, a little wall-eyed background player who attracted a huge fan base. They gave her a name, a profession (mail carrier), and a personality, and when the producers got wind of all the Derpy love they wrote her into the show as a canon character. And there was much rejoicing. Now, thanks to some creative brony out there, we have an official day to celebrate all that Derpy stands for: friendship, letters, muffins, and just a little clumsiness. Here are a few ways that you, too, can celebrate Derpy Day:
1. Eat a muffin! Derpy’s only line in the show (besides yelling “surprise” with all the other ponies in episode one) was the word “Muffins” in episode four. Obviously she’s a muffin fan, so why not indulge your inner muffin fan on Derpy Day?
2. Send a letter! Write to someone you care about and wish them a happy Derpy Day. No emails or Facebook, mind you, a paper-and-pencil letter. That’s how Derpy would want it.
3. Move something in your home out of place for the day. This one’s a little strange, but seeing as Derpy’s cross-eyed and a little clumsy, it makes sense. Pick an object that has a designated place and misplace it, for fun and great justice!
That’s all it takes to properly celebrate Derpy Day. Just think, while everyone else is having a plain old March 1st, you could be taking part in a holiday celebration, and one that involves muffins no less. Spread a little friendship and/or magic today, and whatever you do, have a wonderful Derpy Day!

And seeing as that is all I have to say, I leave you with a jaunty, cross-eyed salute.  Tally ho.  6_9



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5 responses to “Work in Progress Episode 1 – Fountain Divers

  1. I went with option 3…and somehow misplaced dinner.

    That was completely unintentional – but, given the spirit of Derpy Day, very fitting.

  2. First, your Work in Progress episode was fantastic. Made a not-so-great day redeemable, actually. You two had me laughing out loud and gave my muse fodder (creepy bowels of three-story waterfalls are inspiring, let me tell you). That’s about the highest compliment youtube vids get from me, BTW. Lookin’ forward to the series!

    Oh, and just because I thought it was that cool, I embedded it in this post – – in hopes that it would inspire the muses of others. 🙂 Hope you don’t mind?

    • I don’t mind at all, thank you for spreading the video around so other people can enjoy it. I’m glad that you found it inspiring, and believe me, it’s even more inspiring to actually have been inside a fountain instead of just hearing about it. If you have a fountain nearby you you should try it sometime. 😀

  3. Fredwiljr

    This is just an idea… But shouldn’t we blow bubbles to celebrate Derpy day?
    It is her cutie mark, after all.

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