Pinkie Pie Christians

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I stood outside the Commons at school a few nights ago talking with a good friend, and something that he said lodged itself firmly in the front of my mind.  “There are too many grumpy Christians,” he told me grimly.  That simple idea stayed with me all throughout the week.  I had to wonder, if a fellow believer sees grumpiness in the Christians around him, what does everyone else think?  If you were to ask a random man on the street what he thinks of Christians, would he give an answer similar to my friend’s observation?

While I’ve heard that men’s brains are compartmentalized, like waffles or some such thing, mine is more like a bowl of soup.  All of my thoughts and ideas and memories float around with the current, which means that most of them are going to bump against each other at some point.  That’s exactly what happened after I talked to my friend.  The idea of Christian grumpiness bumped against all those episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic I watched last weekend (see last Saturday’s post) and a new thought came to me.

We need more Pinkie Pie Christians.

That statement makes no sense out of context, so allow me to explain.  Pinkie Pie is one of the characters from MLP:FiM, and her main characteristic is her friendliness.  She’s outgoing, energetic, and indomitably cheerful, but the point I really want to get at is that she lives to make people feel welcome.  When Twilight (the main character) first arrives in town, Pinkie Pie takes one look at her, realizes that she’s new, and dashes off to put together a surprise welcoming party.  She can’t stand the thought of not celebrating the arrival of the new kid in town.  If you looked in the Thesaurus for “grumpy”, the antonyms section would be a picture of Pinkie Pie.

I’m not suggesting that every Christian needs to be bouncy and excited and ridiculously outgoing all the time.  I’m not trying to tell you that you should change your personality or just fake a smile for the rest of your life.  What I am saying is that we as Christians need to be willing to think of others before we think of ourselves.  When’s the last time that you took notice of someone new, someone out of place, someone lonely?  When’s the last time that you went out of your way to welcome someone in, whether it be into your church, your school, your work, or your life?  Everyone needs friends, but in our self-centered world we’re all more concerned with staying comfortable and celebrating ourselves than with reaching out and making others feel comfortable and welcomed instead.  Imagine what God could do with a few more men and women who made the choice to step up and fill that fundamental need in the lives of those around them.  Imagine what a few warm, friendly, inviting, loving believers could accomplish in showing off the immeasurably greater love of our Savior .  We need more Pinkie Pie Christians.  Are you willing to be one?



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14 responses to “Pinkie Pie Christians

  1. It’s Tek again, the wandering brony. I’m finding these ongoing musings over FiM truly fascinating.

    Expounding on the intro episode bit, what caught me off guard about Pinkie was her limitless welcoming spirit. The show sets us up for the typical: “bouncy, airheaded” character strolls up and freaks out over…well, nothing, as far as we can tell at first glance. She just goes WHAUGH and dashes off. Trivial, right? Except, no. Upon her return, we see that she has thrown a welcome party for the one pony she doesn’t yet know in Ponyville. At this point, much to Twilight’s consternation, all Pinkie wants is for the new pony in town to have some friends so she’ll feel at home.

    Later episodes reinforce Pinkie’s natural, almost effortless friendliness to the point that she has become the most genuinely kind character I’ve witnessed in some time. A standout example transpires in Episode 13, “Fall Weather Friends.” This episode soured me a bit, mainly due to the vicious escalation of the conflict between Applejack and Rainbow Dash (a rare display of that ill-fitting malice and nastiness I discussed in the earlier post). Pinkie Pie and Spike saved Ep. #13 from being a total loss, however, and one quick exchange in particular left me feeling very proud of our bubbly pink pony. This exchange begins at the 8:30 mark of the 22-minute-long episode. Spike is hoping to be the announcer for the Running of the Leaves, just as he was for the Ironpony Competition during the first third of the same episode. However, Pinkie is already in the show’s signature hot air balloon, broadcasting. Spike’s disappointed by this, but he still hopes to help out and, at the 9:50 mark, goes to ask Pinkie Pie if he can join her in the broadcasting balloon. Only, he never actually asks her, just half-tries to speak up before giving up and walking away, dejected. True to form, though, Pinkie recognizes Spike’s heart for the task – even though he never got the question out – and cheerfully invites him to be her co-reporter. This totally makes Spike’s day, and it made me unspeakably proud of Pinkie Pie.

    Pinkie’s irresistible joyful and friendly spirit – and the way the show embraces it instead of portraying it as a naive, fruitless worldview – is but one of many pleasant surprises I’ve found in Friendship is Magic. Yeah, I can see how finding such traits in actual, tangible people could be a pleasant surprise, too. I could stand to see fewer people acting like grumpy Gilda griffons and more people acting like pleasant Pinkie Pie ponies.

  2. Thanks for another great comment, Tek; it’s always a pleasure to hear from you. I wholeheartedly agree that the Spike/Pinkie Pie announcing was the high point of episode 13, especially his reactions to some of her stranger comments, and your example is a perfect picture of what makes Pinkie such a pleasant character (woah, so many P’s). You hit the nail on the head when you described her as having a “limitless welcoming spirit”, and that’s precisely what I’d like to see more of in myself. Another wonderful example is the resolution of the episode with Gilda, which not only subverted the cliche I was expecting but highlighted Pinkie’s boundless friendliness, even to characters that are nothing but rude to her. Who would’ve thought that all of these excellent moral ideals could be so aptly illustrated by a pink cartoon pony?

  3. “Who would’ve thought that all of these excellent moral ideals could be so aptly illustrated by a pink cartoon pony?”

    Even better, she’s just one of six. Take Rarity, for example. It would’ve been all too easy to depict her as a snooty prima donna, endlessly browsing shops for the latest trend-of-the-hour. She could’ve been a “Bratz” pony. Instead, she’s an intelligent, meticulous designer – and a generous friend besides. That type of positive portrayal really is a…well, rarity. Really, each of the primary cast has shown a well-forged personality and strong set of morals, to different ends. This show brings the humor and quality animation, for sure, but I find its greatest asset to be its extremely likable and wisely-constructed set of characters.

    • I completely agree. It’s always fun to see the characters transcend their stereotypes and act in unexpected ways. The creators could have settled for just making “the shy one”, “the tomboy”, “the fashionista”, “the bookish one”, “the goofy one”, and “the southerner” and allowed Friendship is Magic to be a twenty minute toy commercial, but instead they created a set of multi-dimensional, realistic, flawed-yet-lovable characters. Scenes in which we get a glimpse of a character’s other side (Rainbow Dash in “Sonic Rainboom” or Fluttershy in “Stare Master”, for example) are a big part of what makes the show so enjoyable and the characters so memorable.

  4. It’s that view of their weaker sides that can lead us to cheer all the louder when they overcome their fears and failures, isn’t it? Fluttershy staring down the cockatrice in order to rescue Twilight & the CMC, Rainbow Dash dazzling us with the Sonic Rainboom while saving the lives of three Wonderbolts & a wayward (to say it politely) friend of hers, Twilight herself executing a well-researched solution to the Ursa Minor threat…all scenes that left me going “YES, YES!” If the ponies were unpalatably perfect, it would hardly matter. Instead, I appreciate their victories even more.

  5. While I can’t call myself a believer (quite the opposite, actually), I not only like your musings, but think you make a good point. I also think that being friendly to people is something that transcends religion. I may not agree with everyone, but I’m more than willing to get along with them if they’re willing to get along with me. Now, as you pointed out, being friendly all the time is idealistic (even our equine friends have their lapses and flaws), but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive to be better or should ignore our flaws.

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Brian, and for your insights. It always grieves me when people hate others because of a difference in belief, and it always lifts my spirits when they say “I don’t agree with you, but we can still be friends”. It can be tricky to do in a world full of disagreements and polarizing issues, but it makes all the difference.

  6. blue

    Lol! Pinkie Pie is the total opposite of any Christian I’ve ever met!

    • I’m sorry that that’s been your experience of Christianity, blue. It bothers me how many professing Christians don’t live out the kind of love and kindness that we’re supposed to express, which is exactly why I wrote this post.

  7. Michelle

    This is awesome.

  8. Aliee

    First off, I can’t believe there are people out there who think like I do! I mean, who can make object lessons with cartoon characters (I do it all the time!). I think that’s just so awesome.

    What is also awesome is that you’re a Christian (like me) and you also watch MLP (also like me!)

    Okay, okay, I’m done geeking out now. Loved your article. I’ll be checking back to your blogs and following your posts! 😀

    • Thank you so much, Ailee! I appreciate your encouragement.Always nice to hear from a fellow brony and Christian as well! I don’t really update around here anymore, but my friends and I will be back to posting regularly on our joint project, Singular Spectrum, very soon. We’d really love to see you over there and talk with you some more!

  9. Emerald Flight

    You’re cool, man! That’s cool. /) I’m just looking for new Christian bronies.

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