Day to Day

Lately, whenever anyone asks me about my passions, the only way I’ve been able to sum it up is that I love stories.  It doesn’t matter to me what form they’re in – books, poems, songs, plays, movies, TV shows – I just love to tell, hear, and revel in the beauty of a well-told story.  The stories that fascinate me the most, however, are the ones that people live out day to day all around me.  Our  lives are so intricate, so nuanced, every moment building off of the last and no two days the same.  It’s impossible to truly look around at the billions of stories being lived across the globe and not stand in awe of the Author who imagined them all.  All of our attempts to create fascinating worlds, complex characters, and beautiful endings are but a reflection of His utter creative mastery.  All of history, every story played out since time began, was the work of His infinite imagination, and I’m grateful for nothing more in this life than that He has given me just a fraction of that creativity.  If I’m not harnessing it for His glory, I am nothing, but if I live day to day seeking to guide my story by His truth and turn as many of my fellow characters toward their Author as I can, my life couldn’t be more meaningful.  Tonight, I just want to worship our great Author for all that He is, and encourage you to do the same.

This is all for You, God, the Author of the greatest story ever told.   May you always gain glory, not just from the words that I write, but from the thoughts that I treasure, the activities into which I pour myself, and the influence I exert on the world around me.

I love You.



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3 responses to “Day to Day

  1. Dad

    Amen!!! To the Alpha and Omega, the one eternal God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ be all honor and glory and praise, all power and dominion and authority, both now and forevermore!!!

  2. Mmm. Amen, brother. I read a really sweet book about just that called “A Thousand Miles in a Million Years.” It is by Donald Miller. You might like it; I know I did. =]

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