Friday Night Free Time

Today is Friday.  That makes tomorrow Saturday, right?  The weekend?  So why don’t I have any homework?

I’ve been sitting at my desk with a blank gaze of awe on my face for the past five minutes or so with those questions turning over in my mind.  Friday night is supposed to be the night where I look at all of the upcoming papers and projects and groan dejectedly.  Friday night is supposed to be the night where I go to bed early so that I won’t sleep in too much on Saturday.  Instead, this Friday night I got to watch Corner Gas, eat chocolate, and get free food from the Commons, jumping around on the planter walls in the plaza on the way there and back.  I got to relax, spend some time with my friends, and finish up my Lake Ann application.  And tomorrow, this whole “no homework” deal will still be in effect.  I think I just blew my own mind.

Granted, I can’t use this as an excuse to slack off all weekend.  Not only will I regret turning two days of free time into a massive waste of time, it’ll also make me feel all logey when I go back to work next week, and nobody wants that.  No, tomorrow will be a fairly productive Saturday, but tonight I’m taking some time to relish the little things, like Wipeout with my roommate at midnight.  It feels good.

So what do you like to do to unwind on the weekend?  Let me know in the comments below, and come back tomorrow for a post about an unusual internet phenomenon that I’ve been pondering…


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