Back to School

It feels strange to be sitting back at my desk, thinking about homework and listening to the sounds of Super Smash Bros. emanating from room 1211.  I spent less than 48 hours at home, but it still feels like a big transition going back to school.  Of course, I brought a few things back with me from home.  All of my candy is sitting in a bag on the floor, tempting me with its chocolate-and-almondy goodness, and Billy the Martian is sitting on my desk, not in a bag, staring at me with his red-rimmed eyes and toothy grin.  His tongue is shaped like a heart, so I guess that’s why he was on sale around Valentine’s Day, but he isn’t really that romantic of a fellow (you’ll agree after you see his cameo in tomorrow’s vlog).  Still, my favorite part about home, namely home itself, is still exactly where it was, four and a half hours away.  Is that a bad thing?  No, I have my own life to live (and a lot of studying to do) here at school.  Still, it’s impossible to be with the people that you love and not miss them when you leave.  Changes are tough in all of their various shapes and forms, and when you have a secondary home competing with the primary, it gets even more difficult.  Yet when I remember that every home here on earth, no matter how precious, is temporary, it’s not so hard to move from place to place, from one group of friends and family to another, because I know we’ll all be together forever one day.

I realized just now that I haven’t had a question of the day in a while, but since the theme of my last several posts has been family and home, here are a few questions to cover them all: Do you have a secondary home?  Where is your favorite place to be besides home?  What’s the biggest change you’ve ever had to face, and how did you deal with it?  And what’s the best birthday present you’ve ever received?


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  1. Dad

    The older I get, the less and less that this world feels like home. When I was young I can remember the unbelievably secure feeling I would get from being at home. Somehow the amazing combination of familiar surroundings, sights, smells, people, pets, experiences and the rock-solid knowledge that here, even if it seemed like it was not true anywhere else, at the very least here I BELONG and am LOVED was the feeling closest to what I imagine that heaven must be like that I could possibly imagine. As you experience the shift from child to adult your experience of home subtly changes and you move from simply enjoying that wonderful place (and taking it altogether for granted) to trying to re-create that wonderful and magical sanctuary for your children. In the process you gain a new and previously unknown appreciation for both your childhood home and your coming eternal HOME. At least that has been my experience.

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