I have twelve minutes to write this post, so I’ve decided to write the first twelve things that come to mind so that I can still have a post.

1. I don’t want to write this large paper that’s due on Monday.

2. I am very excited to go home this weekend.

3. If I want to have fun at home this weekend, I have to write this large paper.

4. Shoot.

5.  This double chocolate chip pancake is delicious.

6. My mind always goes blank when I’m halfway done with a list (like it just did right now).

7. My roommate is talking.

8. My neighbor, Adam, just gave me a bunch of music to listen to later.  I am very excited about that.

9. I’m not going to say anything about my upcoming birthday, even though my roommate told me to.

10. I am quite the rebel.

11. I just had to fight my roommate for the aforementioned pancake.  I think he drooled on it.

12.  I’ll miss you, pancake…


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