A Prayer Request

Every other summer or so, the Moody Men’s Collegiate Choir embarks on an overseas summer tour.  This year, we planned to perform in various churches throughout the Egypt and Jordan area of the Middle East, but recent events have cast doubt on whether or not our plans will actually be possible.  We here at Moody have been dousing this issue in prayer since it started, and we’ve been praying for the tour even before there was trouble in Egypt, but I want to ask all of you, my friends and family in Christ, if you will join us in asking God to provide His mercy and grace in the Middle East and amongst the men of our choir.

There are two ways that you can pray.  The first is to pray for a safe resolution to the conflict in Egypt.  Pray that the fighting will end, lives will be spared, and stability will be restored to a volatile political situation.  Secondly, please pray that God will provide financially for the men of the choir, myself in particular.  We each have to raise over $2,000 in order to participate in the summer tour, and I know that many of us are behind on our fundraising.  These are difficult economic times, so please support us with your prayers, asking God to provide the resources that we need to make the tour happen.

Thank you for your help, and may God bless you,



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  1. Mom

    I’m praying, Tim, for God to give clear direction and wisdom, and to provide for what He has in store for all of you this spring. Love you!

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