Not Just Any Desk

Dan and I rearranged our room the other day, and it feels a lot more spacious now.  The beds are bunked, so I get to sleep up next to the ceiling, and we can actually get to the window without performing a series of fifteen precise and dangerous parkour moves.  The most prominent change, however, is the placement of our desks.  We turned them so that they face each other, and now I feel like we’re Jim and Dwight from “The Office”.  I won’t comment on who is which character, just suffice it to say that I’m now afraid he’s going to encase my stapler in Jell-O.  As we moved things around, though, I gained a new appreciation for all of the little things that I keep on and around my desk that make it more than just another hunk of wood.  Here are six of these bits and pieces of assorted fun that make me love my room so much:

1. Megatron.

If you’ve seen the vlog that I filmed with Dan last week, you’ve already seen my intimidating Megatron figurine.  If not, here he is in all of his plastic splendor:


One night, several of the guys decided to go for a McDonald’s run.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but when we arrived and I saw the plastic case beside the counter filled with miniature Transformers, I knew it was Happy Meal time.  I bought one, hoping to get somebody cool like Bumblebee or Optimus Prime, and when I opened the little cardboard box I was not disappointed.  Looking back up at me with his red painted eyes was Megatron, the worst Decepticon of them all.  I brought him back to the dorm and promptly set him up on my desk.  There he’s stood for the past several months, representing my Inner Editor.  When I get writer’s block, I just take him to the stairwell and toss him about for a while.  I’m not sure if it helps, but it’s fun.

2. A lighter.

Yeah, there’s not much left to say about that one.  I don’t remember where I found it, but find it I did, and I can’t bring myself to throw it out now, even though it’s out of juice.  Maybe it’s because it says “Fire” on it.  Maybe it’s because it still makes showers of sparks when I spin the wheel.  Either way, it’s pretty much amazing.  See for yourself:

A Lighter

3. Turtles.

Everyone likes turtles, and I am no exception.  My mom sent me a few plastic/rubber/unknown Chinese material turtles in a care package, so I keep them around to spruce the place up and remind me of home.  Turtles: an instant smile-producer.


4. A Lamborghini.

That’s right, I own a green Lamborghini Reventon.  I won it in a sweepstakes.  My little brother won something more expensive in the same drawing (some kind of candy, maybe), but it wasn’t nearly as stylish.  I know, you’re dying to check out my ride.  Here it is:

My Lamborghini


5. An Intense Portrait of Me.

One of the boys from Salem Christian School, where I help out with the Aftercare program on Wednesday evenings, drew this very… interpretive portrait of me:

A portrait of me

I never realized that my head was that big, or that my cheeks were quite that rosy, or that my beard was that, um, whatever it is.  Then there’s the red splotch between my eyes… was I just shot by a sniper?  That would explain the wild-eyed, teeth-clenched expression on my face – and why I’m falling over backwards.  This is why I love kids, they express themselves without caring if someone else sees things differently – they’re going to draw, say, sing, and write what they see, as they see it, and it usually turns out to be really cute.

6. Chip, the Blue Ceramic Pig.

Chip is my favorite desk ornament.  On the first day of the Spring semester, my friend Kyu walked into my room, handed me this piggy bank, and walked away:

Chip, the Blue Ceramic Pig

Not only is Chip a piggy bank to hold all of my spare change, his round, innocent, totally mouthless face is also adorable.  To me, he is the embodiment of random fun with my friends, which is one of my favorite things.  It’s impossible to look at Chip and not break into a smile.  Having Chip perched on my printer has made sitting at my desk 1000% more enjoyable.  It’s a wonder I ever leave my room now.

What are your favorite knick-knacks, and what about them do you love most?  Let me know in the comments below, and have a superlative Saturday.


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