A Short Blog Post

Here are three reasons why this blog post is short and/or lame:

1. I just got back from Winter Tour, which, while awesome, has left me very tired.

2. I didn’t get enough sleep last night, which, while not a big problem, has left me very tired.

3. I forgot to post early on in the day when I was less tired, because I was busy, which made me very tired.

The good news is, you can expect to never see a post this short and/or lame from me again.  I’m still getting used to the whole PostADay thing.  Lesson learned: post earlier in the day.  The bad news is… well, there really is no bad news, or if there is it has left me very tired and unable to recall it.  Question of the day: what is something that you don’t do very well when you’re tired?  How do you usually deal with that?



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2 responses to “A Short Blog Post

  1. Cole Swensen

    Smiling! When I am tired its hard for me to have a good attitude so I usually think about some of my besties (you know who you are, Newton Boys) and usually a memory come to mind that makes me laugh!

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