Here We Are Now, Entertain Us…

There are few concepts that can strike terror, despair, and a serious case of fidgeting in children than boredom.  They avoid it like the plague, searching desperately for anything they can do that will be “fun” and stop  the horrible cloud of boredom from descending on them.  In our world, it’s easier than ever for them to get their fix.  From internet games to TV shows to MP3 players, entertainment is never more than an arm’s length away, and kids never need to stop having fun.

And, unfortunately, many of them decide not to.  As they grow into their teenage years, their desire to be constantly entertained doesn’t go away, and they see no reason to stop feeding it.  In a time when personalities and habits are formed tightly, an age when young people set off on the path that they will take in life, this addiction to fun is deadly.  Responsibility takes a back seat to pleasure, and the older we get the more serious the side-effects are.  We shove work and obligations by the way side, complete jobs sloppily if at all, and our self-fulfilling lifestyle begins to seep into the way that we interact with others.  Before we know it, we aren’t comfortable unless we’re in front of a screen, not happy unless all input is dedicated to keeping us that way, and not interested in interacting with others unless they’re interested in entertaining us.

I’ve noticed an alarming trend toward this lifestyle in myself recently, and I know from experience that the only way to take care of it is to act now, and act decisively.  On that note, I’d like to challenge all of you to take part in an entertainment detox with me.  Let’s step away from the movies, videos, TV shows, video games, and music for a week and focus on the things that matter – character, responsibility, and Christ-like love.  It’s going to be hard because it’s going to be completely different from the way our culture does life, but by the time it’s over we’ll have gained a new perspective on the value of time and the importance of priorities.  I don’t want to spend another day wasting my potential – are you with me?



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2 responses to “Here We Are Now, Entertain Us…

  1. Dad


    I agree with you that in our culture now-a-days entertainment is seen as an end unto itself, an absolute good and an inalienable human right; all of which is in direct opposition to a biblical view of recreation. In my obervations of the human condition, I too have noticed the very malady you describe so clearly. It used to be that you earned some recreation by completing your work and fulfilling your responsibilities for the day, then if there was some time you could relax and do something just for fun. Even if life was too full of work and responsibilities for you to find time in your day-to-day life for recreation, God in His wisdom and mercy gave us the sabbath to rest and be refreshed for the week to come.

    I would go so far as to say that recreation, relaxation, entertainment and the pursuit of pleasure have together become a major form of idolotry for our culture today. Mankind are more and more fulfilling what the Apostle Paul warned Timothy about, that men will become lovers of pleasure rathter than lovers of God, and the church is not in any way exempt from this idolotry! If this is idoloatry, then I don’t think that a week-long “step away” will really do much to combat the problem. I think that the only way to deal with idols is to topple them and replace them!

    That being the case, I would invite you and your readers to prayerfully consider if the pursuit of personal pleasure, recreation, fun and entertainment have become for them personally an idol that has displaced God and the whole-hearted pursuit of Him in their hearts. If it has, then the only real cure is to seek God’s help to cast down that idol and re-establish the true King on the throne of their hearts and minds; and by His Holy Spirit’s guidance seek to re-order their desires, pursuits and their stewardship of their time and strength for His glory! That will take more than a week, I am quite sure… Please don’t take this wrong, I’m in need of this in my own life, too, as you well know! Therefore I am prayerfully seeking the Lord’s forgiveness for allowing this idol to enter His sanctuary in my own heart. Keep walking in His Light, son!

    • Thanks for this, Dad. This is an excellent completion to my original post, and that is certainly the point that I am trying to make. I think, however, that spending a week purposefully keeping away from entertainment is a good starting point to the process of removing this idol from our lives. We need to shut out the continuous noise and give our attention to the truth, so that’s why I recommended a week long “step-away”. Whatever it takes for you, the bottom line is this: look carefully at your life and see if entertainment has taken too high of a place, and if it has, do whatever you have to do to make things right.

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