So Many Ones…

I didn’t really realize that today was 1/11/11 until I went to write in our floor’s Dump Diary (don’t ask).  As I looked at all of those ones, however, I thought of how fitting that date is for the first Tuesday of the new semester.  A lot of firsts are flying by this week, many of them today.  From the first day of music class to the first Taco Tuesday in the SDR, today really is a day full of the number one, so I thought I’d celebrate it.  After all, soon the semester will begin to rush by, each week a variation on the same theme, so why  not relish the freshness of it all while it’s still fresh?  If we can’t celebrate everyday things like teachers, textbooks, and tacos, we’re missing out on life, because life is meant to be relished, not rushed.  Routine is the core of our existence, it holds our lives together, but it’s nothing without all of the little dips, bumps, curves, and quirks that make life real – and really fun.  So let’s celebrate 1/11/11 just because it’s a day full of ones.  Do we need a better reason?  I sure hope I never do.

What sort of firsts have come into your life lately?  And what little things are you celebrating today?  Let me know in the comments below, and have a great Unofficial National One Day!

Also, a small announcement: my good friend and ardent God-lover Adam Swensen interviewed me for his blog and wrote a wonderful article about it that you can find here: “The Next Generation: Firestarters”.  Go read it, let him know what you think, and be sure to check back to his blog often for more excellent posts from an inspiring young man.


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