Song of the Week: “Moody Anthem Remix” by D.J. Schrockalicious ft. Micah Bournes

In honor of the new semester starting up at Moody Bible Institute next week and my return to campus tomorrow, this week’s song is a remix of Moody’s own Christian Fellowship song by two talented Moody students from Culby 6.  Enjoy this epic hip-hop/rap tribute to the school as D.J. Schrockalicious turns those tables like Christ in the temple.  That line gets me every time…

Here’s the link (you can download it for free as well as listen to it): “Moody Anthem Remix”

And here are the lyrics:


God bless the school that D. L. Moody founded
Firm may she stand though by foes of truth surrounded
Riches of grace bestowed may she never squander
Keeping true to God and man her record over yonder
Glory over yonder, over yonder
When Jesus comes in glory we shall part no more

Verse (Rap):

D. J. Schrock is hot, it’s that simple
Turns tables like Christ in the temple
We fly like Captain Tom
Here to turn your party on
Have fun but keep it safe
At least till you graduate
We’re in no rush to leave
This is where the party be
M – Double O – D – Y – B – I – B
L – E – I – N – S – T – I – T
U – T – to the E, Culby 6
Bourn-ay-zee and Schrockalicious
Track so vicious, word to the DJ
Make you wanna hit instant replay
They’ve got us on repeat
From Chitown to the LBC
Stanky leg like Creepy Pete
Shoulda never changed the SLG
Too late!  Now these men is dancin’ round with no rhythm
Jesus is good to me, do you see what I see?
Would stay but I’ve got to wander
To that glory over yonder…


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