Song of the Week: “This is Christmas” by Curt Smith

Since Christmas is in just three days, I spent some time searching for a Christmas song that we haven’t all heard a thousand times.  I didn’t expect to stumble on it while watching “Psych”, but that’s exactly where I first heard “This is Christmas”, a catchy, pleasant, original Christmas tune by Curt Smith.  The lyrics I’ve got here are just a transliteration born from me listening to the song about three and a half times, so they might not be entirely accurate, but I couldn’t find any “official” lyrics online so this is the best I can do.  I can, however, provide you with a link to Curt’s website, where he explains what he was thinking when he wrote the song, so hopefully that will clear up any confusion my poor lyricsmanship (is that a word?) raises.  I hope you enjoy this touching, brand-new Christmas piece, and have a very merry Christmas this Saturday.  God bless!

Here’s the SoundCloud player (blast from the past):

And here are the (unofficial) lyrics:


Break out the guilt

‘Tis the season stopped making sense

Put out those fires

And always brace yourself

Give me the strength to hold together

Shine down on me

Am I only half the man I want to be?


All things change

Everybody sing


This is Christmas

And this is home

Peace on earth’s

Been a long time coming


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