Legend of the Dreamseers: Commencement

As promised, and barely on time, here is an excerpt from the first chapter of my book, Legend of the Dreamseers:  “Commencement”!  Hope you enjoy it, and please leave a few comments below letting me know what you liked/hated about it and how I could make it better.  Thanks, everyone!  God bless!


Reuel closed his eyes, taking in the excited chatter of nearly one thousand young men and women.  All of the words blended together, the mixture of high and low, loud and soft, fast and slow sounds filled the auditorium with a warm, expectant buzz.  Students from every background and culture sat in the curved metal benches arranged around the stage or milled in the aisles in between, all discussing the ceremony in which they were about to take part.  And, despite their different origins and races, everyone was discussing it in the same language.

Reuel smiled, feeling the vastness and the importance of the role he had been chosen to play.  He, along with all of the other students in the room, was to be a herald of a new era, brought about by a triumph of modern thinking: a global common language.  The way of life for millions would be changed for the better, and he was on the forefront of that change.

Suddenly, a wave of silence overtook the students, starting in the back and leaving nothing in its wake but the purposeful click of shoes on the granite floor.  Reuel returned from his thoughts just in time to see a short, sharply dressed man stride past.  There was nothing remarkable about the man’s features, but the confidence of his step, the gentle hint of a grin on his lips, and the visionary fire in his eyes earned the respect and adoration of everyone in the room.  This was their hero, the man who started it all – Daisen Rennishau.

The feverish anticipation of a thousand young hearts swelled in the thrilled silence that accompanied Daisen’s ascent to the stage. From the moment that he turned to face the crowd he fixed them with his gaze and never stopped.  He looked into each face for just an instant, his brilliant green eyes connecting with their own, and in that instant all the passion of his heart poured into theirs until it overflowed, leaving a brilliant smile on each student’s face long after the moment had passed.

Slowly, Daisen leaned forward, grasping the podium firmly with both of his hands, and began to speak.  “My friends,” he exclaimed, smiling warmly.  Reuel smiled, too, taking in the richness of Daisen’s voice.  “It is hard to believe that it has been four years since we first met.  So much has happened since then!  We lived together, worked together, dreamed together for so long, and now our dream will finally be realized.  No longer are we citizens of the north or the south, the clouds or the earth or the sea.  No longer are we separated by the customs, traditions and languages of our peoples.” Daisen’s voice had already reached an incredible fervor, bold and soaring, and now each word rose higher until they filled the entire room with a tangible passion.  “Today, my brothers and sisters, we are citizens together of one world, our world, brought together by one language, one passion: peace and unity for all!”

Reuel sprang to his feet in an instant, applauding.  He stood with his friends all around the auditorium as they cheered together for Daisen and for the future and for peace and joy and unity.  They clapped out of admiration, caught up in the vision of a better world, and Daisen stood on the stage, eyes raised to the heavens, encouraging them with his smile.



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4 responses to “Legend of the Dreamseers: Commencement

  1. Sir Emeth Mimetes

    Good writing! It seems very ominous to those of us who know our Biblical history though. 😀

  2. Dad

    Well-written, it draws you in and makes you want to keep reading…

  3. Elven Princess

    Is it going to be published? I really like it!

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