Song of the Week: Beautiful Words by The Afters

About a year ago, when I first started songs of the week, I had wanted to use this song and couldn’t find it.  Now, here it is, one of my favorite songs in the world!  I love the way The Afters use a writing metaphor to explain the wonder of the future: undiscovered, exciting, beautiful.  A story, slowly unfolding.  How often do we slow down and take in the wonder of the stories that are our lives, intertwining, all a part of God’s awesome plan.   Hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the link: “Beautiful Words”

And here are the lyrics:

Slow down
This is such a blur
Tell me what’s the hurry now
Have we been running round in circles
Missing all that we could be
You say it’s not too late

We are words
On pages that we’ve left unturned
An ending no one’s ever heard
We are a story slowly unfolding
Beautiful words

I could walk across the ocean
With you walking next to me
And you could melt away this winter
Now we’re starting over
We will see it’s not too late


Beautiful words that last when everything else has passed
Even when all the stars are gone
I know every single beautiful word that we were will live on…

I know it’s not too late…


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