As the Summer Ends…

It’s hard to believe that I started this blog over a year ago, in the summer of 2009.  A lot has happened in the past year, even in this past summer, and a lot more is about to happen as I move on to an exciting fall!  So, as the summer ends, I wanted to give you guys a few quick updates on the blog, the book, and my life in general.

First off, please pray for me as I head off to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago on August 18th.  It’s approaching so fast!  Pray that I’ll be able to trust God to provide for me financially, and that I’ll do well in my freshman year.

Secondly, I’ve gone back and repaired all of the links in my songs of the week so that the song opens in a new tab instead of replacing the one that’s already open.  You can see all of those posts under the “Music” category.

Thirdly, please pray for the ministry of Lake Ann Camp!  We’re in our last week and a half of camp, and a LOT of campers have been saved or made decisions to serve God with their lives.  Pray that we’ll all finish strong up here!

Fourthly, The Author’s Apprentice just recently had it’s 2000th view, which is pretty cool.  Thanks for coming back every week, reading my posts, and encouraging me in my walk with God!

And lastly, I’m finally just clenching my teeth, sitting down, and actually writing more of “Legend of the Dreamseers”!  So expect to see a new excerpt before the next song of the week (and if you don’t, please make angry email, comments, phone calls, smoke signals and\or telepathic communications to me.  Something along the lines of “Get off your duff and be creative, already!”).  Can’t wait to see what this next year brings, and thank you all for enjoying this past one with me.  I love you all!

The Author’s Apprentice,

Timothy Newton


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  1. Armorbearer

    I give you a strange stare as I put my finger to my head ala Psych.

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